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Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

A Timeline

Kathryn Robertson

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act

Senator Patty Murray Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act End of
September, 2011 VAWA expires. November 30, 2011 Senate introduces reauthorization. New version includes protections for groups left out under previous versions, including LGBT and tribal victims. March 27, 2012 House Democrat Rep. Moore introduces a similar version of VAWA in the House, including the new protections from the Senate bill. Her bill gets
101 co-sponsors. April 25, 2012 Women Senators, tribal leaders hold press conference to discuss importance of VAWA improvements to provide protections for women currently left out under previous reauthorizations. April 26, 2012 VAWA passes the Senate, 68-31. May 16, 2012 The House introduces another version of
VAWA, removing the new provisions.
Senator Murray speaks on the Senate floor
in opposition to the House
version of VAWA. May 16, 2012
Senator Murray leads a bipartisan coalition of 13 women Senators in sending a letter to Speaker Boehner urging him to pass Senate VAWA without delay. July 24, 2012 Senator Murray again heads to the Senate floor, urges House passage of bipartisan VAWA. July 31, 2012 Senator Murray releases a video urging Speaker Boehner to take up and pass VAWA. Also creates a petition on Change.Org, which to date has over 7,000 signatures. August of 2012 Senator Murray holds roundtable discussions on VAWA in Washington state with domestic violence survivors and advocates. September 13, 2012 Senator Murray goes to the Senate floor to urge the House to move forward with VAWA. She again outlines the importance of the tribal provisions. November 14, 2012 Senator Murray continues push for House passage of VAWA in a speech on the Senate floor. December 17, 2012 As the end of the 112th Congress approaches, Senate Democratic women send a letter to the women of the House Republican Conference, asking them to take action and pass VAWA. January, 2013 The House of Representatives fails to
pick up and pass the Senate
version of VAWA in the final days
of the 112th Congress. January 22, 2013 The Senate reintroduces VAWA on
the first day bills can be introduced
in the 113th Congress.
The bill has 61 co-sponsors. February 4, 2013 Senate begins consideration of the bill. February 7, 2013 A Republican alternative, offered by Sen. Grassley, that did not include protections for under-served communities, is defeated in the Senate. Senator Murray gives speech on Senate floor urging GOP leadership to pass VAWA immediately. February 12, 2013 S. 47 passes Senate with 78 votes, goes to House for consideration. February 22, 2013 House introduces their own version of VAWA, which does not include LGBT-specific protections, and changes language of tribal protections. February 26, 2013 Senators again join together on a bipartisan letter urging Speaker Boehner and the House to take up and pass the Senate version of the bill. House passes inclusive Senate VAWA! Provides millions of women across the country the
protections they deserve. February 28, 2013 March 7, 2013 President Obama signs
the Violence Against
Women Act into law!
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