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Talk for Writing INSET

No description

Ben Massey

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Talk for Writing INSET

Literacy INSET - Talk for Writing
(Please sit with your year group)
First things first:
This is new to us all and we're all in it together!

Talk for Writing
Getting yourself and your classroom environment ready (The 'non-negotiables')
Introduction to
The Pineapple That Spoke

The New Curriculum
Unit plans
Learning objectives & expectations
that Spoke
(It's hard to find papayas!)
There is a bank of loads of Pi Corbett texts for KS1 and KS2 on the system in:
Teachers/literacy/primary writing project/resources
The story will be introduced to the school in Friday's assembly
Step 1:
Learn the text
Step 2:
Set up your classroom environment (the Non-Negotiables)
All classrooms need:
1. A 'Writers' Toolkit' display
2. A washing line for story maps and flipchart pages
3. A literacy working wall updated regularly
4. Connectives photographs
All planning will follow the Talk for Writing stages and will need to have equal coverage of spelling, punctuation, text structure and grammar. We'll look at this in detail tomorrow.
Writers' Toolkits:
These work like success criteria for reading and writing the text and should be developed by you and the children throughout the unit with examples.

They should include:
1. Vocabulary and spelling
2. Sentences
3. Text structure
4. Punctuation
Connectives pictures
Each year group has specific connectives that they should be learning and using. These are detailed in the RKPS tracker which we'll look at tomorrow.

In addition, we'll be focusing on any connectives that come up in the texts we're working on.

We'll be building photograph banks of children demonstrating the connective actions, which will be displayed in classrooms and will move up through the school with each class.
Getting started:
Things to do in the first few literacy sessions:
Learn actions for connectives and take photographs
Carry out a 'cold writing' task
Draw a class story map
Start learning the story
Any questions?
(Be gentle!)
Key actions and signs from the Papaya that spoke:
Once upon a time
Farmer (This one's for Jodie!)
After that
All classes need to be:
1. Dropping Everything and Reading at 3:00
2. Doing a rhyme/poem of the day/week after lunch
3. Big writing during Target Time
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