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Intro to Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet, Professor Elliot Engel

Elanna Killackey

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Intro to Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Considered the greatest writer in English
Considered greatest writer on Earth
Born in England
Son of a glove maker
Classic education
Moved to London
Became an actor
Started writing
Purchased Globe Theater
How is a "good" writer decided?
Shakespeare never wanted his plays to be read. He wanted audience to see and feel the words come to life.
This concept is what made Shakespeare so famous, even today.
1590's plays cost 4 cents
Box Office
Movie theater refreshments
Meat Pies
West Pennsylvania, 100 years later
Why tomatoes?
Shakespeare never had to give a single refund!
Queen Elizabeth I
King James I
Shakespeare wrote for the uneducated.
40% (1 in 2)
Shakespeare wrote plays for the "dumb droolers" up front.
Macbeth - witches
Julius Caesar - conspirator can't wait to stab Caesar
Groundlings established
Romeo and Juliet BEST PLAY
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare Christening, April 26, 1564
Marriage License to Anne Hathwey, November 28, 1582
First child Christening, May 26, 1583
Twins Christening, February 2, 1585
Name appears in print, 1592 (Robert Green)
Death Certificate, April 23, 1616
3 periods of English Language
1. Old English
2. Middle English
3. Modern English
William Shakespeare
Wrote 38 plays
Wrote 154 sonnets
Wrote 17,677 words, of which, he invented over 1700
Coined several hundred phrases

His plays include 13 suicides
He mentions dogs 200 times
He mentions birds 600 times
Act I, Scene 1
Handsome teenage boy - Romeo
Beautiful young girl - Juliet


People paid attention for physical attraction alone.
Shakespeare gives you THREE things:
Super natural creatures
Teenage SEX
Without these things, people would not pay attention. Sound familiar?
King Lear
3 beautiful daughters...
2 rotten
1 good

Who is good?
An 8 year old child could tell you!
If a 5th grader can do it, why can't high school students?

Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, histories, long poems, short poems, and sonnets.

Freshmen: Romeo Juliet
Sophomores: Midsummer's Night Dream
Seniors: Macbeth/Hamlet

Comp I: Othello
Comp II: King Lear
You know it's tragedy if a high level society person falls in the end.
Humpty Dumpty

What is the first line?
Humpty Dumpty?
If you've ever been footloose and fancy free, if you've ever thanked somebody from the bottom of your heart, if you've ever been left high and dry, if you ever took a test you thought was a piece of cake, if you've ever refused to budge an inch, if you've ever been tongue tied, a tower of strength, hood-winked, or in a pickle...if you've ever knitted your brow, made a virtue of necessity, insisted on fair play, slept not one wink, stood on ceremony, laughed yourself into stitches, had cold comfort or too much of a good thing...if you've ever cleared out bag and baggage cause you thought it was high time and that is the long and short of it...if you've ever believed the game was up even if it involves your own flesh and blood, if you ever lie low til the crack of dawn through thick and thin, because you suspect foul play, if you now bid me good-riddens and and send me packing, if you wish I was as dead as a doornail, if you think I am an eye-sore, a laughing stalk, a stone-hearted villain, bloody-minded, or a blithering idiot, well then...by jove, oh lord, tut tut, for goodness sake (and my personal favorite), what the dickens, it is all one to me even if it is Greek to you, for you are quoting Shakespeare.
Most information provided by:
Professor Elliot Engel
How William Became Shakespeare

Shakespeare Language
Only writer to invent phrases that people would take home and re-use.

To this day we quote Shakespeare without giving him credit.
Monday, March 30, 2015
Open your packet to Shakespeare's World - Introduction.
COMPLETE the notes from Shakespeare's World literature book, page 926 and literary terms on page 930.
If you finish early, start working on the literary terms for Romeo and Juliet.
We will start class on the hour! Be prepared to take LOTS OF NOTES!!!
There will be a QUIZ on Friday over terms and notes.
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