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The Effect of Family on Socialization.

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Samantha Hall

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Effect of Family on Socialization.

The Effecr of Family on Socialization Samantha Hall Generation Z. Family Influence The Good and Bad Behavior The Future Divorce. The Past The effect of family towards Generation Z is not as strong as past generations. Due to things like divorce becoming more common and acceptable, families are less strong and close knit. For some family is very important, and they have expectations to live up to by their parents. But for others they come from broken homes and they have seen and lived through there parents mistakes and through that negative influence they learn how they don't want to be when they grow up. Good: Technology makes it easier for families to communicate, and be more involved in each others lives, even if they don't live together.

Bad: Divorce, money problems, and mixed families, single moms raising children. In past generations divorce was almost unheard of, and now for us Generation Z children almost 50% of our parents have been divroced, causing multilple family issues and weakens family bonding. Unlike past generations where family was all that you had and you all stuck together no matter what happened in life. Because our family bonds are weaker and more families are divorced it has made us as children more spoiled. Researchers say that we are "spoiled, and the 'now' generation" which is true, if we want something we find ways to get it and usually are parents are to blame, whether they feel guilty for having a broken family or that they are in competition with the other parent. Generation Z is living through the mistakes of our parents, and seeing the effects of divorce and we are learning from their mistakes, seeing that we don't want to make the same mistakes for our children, or also be afraid to have children and get married at all, seeing that most of the marriges that we see end in divorce. Families used to be incredibly strong, having the simple and tradition family life, then women became more independent, learning that they didn't really need their husbands to survive and if they were getting treated poorly they got out, and this started the trend. Which caused a strain in family values. Solutions There needs to be more value in Family, less divorce, parents needs to make more family time and stay focused on their children and not be selfish with their own lives. Questions: 1. How many people have divorced parents?

2. How has your parents relationships been affected by this? 3. Do you believe the decisions your parents make effect you as a person? 4. Is it worse for parents to split up with younger or older children? Explain.

5. What do you believe are positive and negative things in families today?
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