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Make A Wish

No description

Mykala Spangler

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Make A Wish

Contemporary Writers!

Three Little Words
By: Ashley
Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent almost 10 years in the foster care system. During which she stayed in 14 different homes, many of which were abusive or neglectful. It is now her to reform the foster care system as a Casa Worker, like the one who helped reform Florida's laws based on her story. Her wish is that, someday, no child will be in the foster system. This is why she tells herstory
Three Little Words

Matched By:
Imagine a would where everything
is chosen for you. The Society gets
you up in the morning, brings you
your food, chooses your job, and who
you will marry, and even the number
of children you will have. Well a glitch
in this flawless society leaves Cassia eager
for choice. She decides to join the rebellion
and find the boy she loves, not the boy
Society has chosen for her. But can she leave Society's percectmatch? and Her best friend...

Lord Of the Flies
by: William Golding
"Once you bring life into the world, you must protect it. we must protect it by changing the world" Elie Wiesel spoke these words with the same hope that he had when he wrote
. He hoped that with the power of his words, people would know of the terrible crimes that took place to the millions of Jews in WWII.By writing it is his hope to prevent another holocaust from happening
again in the future.

Make A Wish:
Celebrating Contemporary writers who drempt of something better.
By:Mykala Spangler
Block 5
Have you ever had such a bad day wished you could just go to the park or see your friends, because that would make it all better? Well the Make a Wish foundation, the Genies, make wishes come true for children battling cancer. They will take Hazel and Augustus on a trip they will never forget. However, wth both of them are battling cancer, can both of them win?
The fault in Our Stars by John Green
Night By Elie Wiesel
At first this group of boys
were more than happy for a chance to be away from grownups. But all too soon they only wanted to home, safe and sound, with their families once again. The shipwrecked life was less than glamorous.
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