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Olaudah Equiano

An Analysis of a U.S. Document for Theme, Purpose, and Rhetorical Features

alexis pflug

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
Part of this assignment asks to tell which document I chose and why. Well, the real question should be why not. Equiano wrote this narrative with so much passion that you can feel every word resonate in your heart. You can feel what it's like to suffer, to starve, to want to throw yourself overboard so you don't have to feel those things. This voyage in Equiano's life was probably the most horrific thing that most people go through in a million lifetimes, and he shared it with everyone for one reason. To abolish slavery.
Equiano had one goal life, to abolish slavery and when his narrative got published that was an integral part in his work. What person would read this and not want to help put an end to that disgusting treatment?
So again, I chose this document because when I read this piece of work, I felt moved and connected and wanted to share my thoughts more on the subject.
Why Equiano and his story?
Equiano's main purpose for writing his Narrative was to get colonists to truly see what life was like for slaves. This was a step for Equiano to take in his main goal to abolish slavery.
Olaudah Equiano was eleven years old when he was kidnapped from his tribe in Africa and and sold into slavery. Like millions of others, Equiano was shipped through the Middle Passage. Equiano and other slaves suffered horrifically throughout their voyage and Equiano bravely shared their stories.
His final destination turned out to be Virginia, where Equiano was purchased by a British captain and employed at sea. Equiano was enslaved for ten years and he saved to buy his freedom. Later on he settled in England and tirelessly worked to abolish slavery.
Equiano's Back Story
The main themes in the Narrative excerpt are slavery and suffering. These two themes interact because the slaves are the ones suffering.Equiano is a slave and he experiences as well as witnesses suffering from other slaves.
Rhetorical Features
Equiano used rhetorical devices to persuade his readers to abolishslavery and to invoke an emotional response.
Equiano used many large vocabulary words to cause readers to feel empathy and to feel disgust for the slave traders.
Equiano used contrast very well so the colonists could see the difference plainly between the slave traders and the slaves themselves.
"Olaudah Equiano."
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Television. Web. 08 April 2016.
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