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No description

Hasan Aksoy

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of BRAND VALUE

Brand value is the value of the brand as a business asset.
5 Stages of Brand Experience
Brand equity is typically the result of brand loyalty, and with brand loyalty comes increased market share. In fact, there are 5 stages of brand experience that lead to positive brand equity:

Brand awareness:
Consumers are aware of the brand.
Brand recognition:
Consumers recognize the brand and know what it offers versus competitors.
Brand trial:
Consumers have tried the brand.
Brand preference:
Consumers like the brand and become repeat purchasers. They begin to develop emotional connections to the brand.
Brand loyalty:
Consumers demand the brand and will travel distances to find it. As loyalty increases so do emotional connections until there is no adequate substitute for the brand in the consumer’s mind.
“a set of assets such as name awareness, loyal
customers, perceived quality, and associations that are linked to the brand and add value
to the product or service being offered.”
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