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Senior Presentation

For Bonney Lake High School (2013)

Crystal Ho

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Senior Presentation

Senior Presentation...
Crystal Ho
Start Introduction:
Topics of Discussions:
1. My Culminating Portfolio
How has it benefited me during my time in high school?
1. High School and Beyond Plans
-Explored future careers

2. Helped me make a decision

3. Certain classes to take

4. Application for universities and programs
My Culminating Portfolio
What is the most important piece of evidence in my portfolio?
1. Job Shadow
-Freshmen year: Mrs. Enos; 3rd grade teacher
-Junior year: Marilee Hill-Anderson; Director of S.T.A.R.R. Project

2. Junior year Job Shadow
-Opinions on their employment
-Various fields in social work
-Skills and qualifications needed
The Most Important Piece of Evidence
How will I use the information in my Culminating Portfolio to achieve my post-high school plans?
1. Next Step
- Graduate from BLHS with diploma
- Graduate from Pierce College with AA Degree
-Attend UW Tacoma Social Welfare Program Fall 2013

2. Accomplishing them
-Finish classes in Pierce
-Requirements for BLHS
-Apply for scholarships and FAFSA
Using My Culminating Portfolio
Bonney Lake High School
Pierce College Puyallup
University of Washington Tacoma
The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.
-Sydney J Harris
2. The Most Important Piece of Evidence
3. Using My Culminating Portfolio
End: Conclusion
Bonney Lake High School 2013
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