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The Regions of Texas

Learn 4 characteristics of the 4 major regions of Texas.

Erma Pruett

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of The Regions of Texas

The Four Natural
Regions of Texas 1. Great Plains aka Panhandle Plains, Rolling Plains, and High Plains Climate here is cold winters,
warm summers, with 15 - 30
inches of rain annually. Landforms found here include canyons and platueaus.
Contains mostly grasslands and depends on grain farming, ranching, oil, and small industries. 2. Region 2 is called the Mountains and Basins Region.
The climate here is warm to hot
in the day and cool after the sun
goes down. Landforms here include the Fort Davis Mountains The mountains and deserts are
the natural resources here. The North Central Region is the third
Natural Region of Texas. This area includes
the city of Dallas. We get more rain here. 30-45", than in region 1 and 2. Natural landforms include the rolling prairies and hardwood forest to the east. Resources for this region
includes many more rivers and lakes
than anywhere else in the state. The final regions is the Coastal Region
that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Rain here can be too much in case of hurricanes,
but usually ranges from 20 - 45" a year. You can find grasslands, marshes, and cypress forests in this region. Landforms here include sand dunes, grasslands,
salt marshes, and of course the beach. Natural resources are the wetlands and beaches in the Coastal Region. Natural resources are Palo Duro Canyon and wide open skies. Regardless of what you
are looking for, you can find
in Texas.
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