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Comparison and Contrast Essay

No description

Tegan Zimmerman

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Comparison and Contrast Essay

Now, let’s take a look at the following example of a thesis statement!
• The Strathcona Hotel is better than the Hotel MacDonald because of the location, the prices, and the service.
Notice the (3) parallel structures (the location, the prices, the service) (all nouns)
Notice the opinion of the writer (preference of Strathcona over Hotel MacDonald)
This sentence will link directly to the three body paragraphs in this way:
paragraph 1 Introduction and thesis statement
• paragraph 2 you will discuss the location. price, and service at the Strathcona Hotel
• paragraph 3 you will discuss the location, price and service at the Hotel MacDonald.
paragraph 4 Conclusion summarizing your essay and preference.
Now arrange your ideas
into a thesis statement.
Name three main ideas that
you will compare/contrast.
Put into block structure.
Comparison and Contrast Essay
and drag

to change balance
The thesis statement is the controlling idea (main idea) of the entire essay. It is, therefore, the sentence that summarizes (controls) the direction and the content of the essay. At the same time, this sentence links the introduction with the body of the essay.
• In the comparison and contrast essay, you must provide your OPINION in your thesis statement. You have to take a stand and sustain it throughout the essay. The thesis statement provides control, stability, and direction to the body of the essay.
Imagine you are comparing the Strathcona Hotel on Whyte Ave with the Hotel MacDonald.
Think of similarities and differences.
Comparison and Contrast essays discuss similarities and differences between items.

1) Have in fact topics that can be compared (oranges + apples).
2) Make sure what you are comparing applies to both sets (height of one person) with (weight of one person).
3)Write a thesis statement that identifies your topic and organizational pattern.
When you are writing this kind of essay you have a choice between block pattern or point-by-point form:
In the block pattern you separate the two topics and discuss them one a time, under the headings or categories you've chosen as your key ideas.
A first then B.
Block Pattern Exercise
Imagine you are comparing MacDonalds with
A & W. Brainstorm the similarities and differences
Discussing your points in turn for both topics under each category heading. For example the same characters in a film and in a movie. Harry Potter. Next you would discuss the setting in both the book and movie, and
lastly the plot in each.
Now arrange your ideas
into a thesis statement.
Name three main ideas that
you will compare/contrast.
Put into point-by-point structure.
Par. 1 Intro and thesis:
Par. 2 --- first topic
Par. 3 ---second topic
Par.4 --- third topic
Par. 5 Conclusion summarizing the similarities and differences and stating your preference.
Ottawa vs. New York by Germaine Greer p. 219
What is this essay about and what is being compared?
what style does Greer use ? Point-by-point or block pattern?
What is Greer's ultimate preference? And what reasons does she give?
From Burkinis to Burkas:
by Kamal Al-Solaylee pp. 224-228
Working in pairs write down
1) from the title, what is this essay comparing in terms of items; next,write down all of the similarities and differences between these two items.
2) What two geographic places are being compared? What are some similarities and differences named?

3) Write down the thesis of this essay.
4) Al-Solaylee talks about "the subjugation of women" (224). What does this mean?
In what context is he using it? Find specific quotations/examples.

Is he justified in his claims?
Switch partners and now discuss:
Near the end of the essay Al-Solaylee calls his family,
"a lot closer to the stereotype of regressive Muslim culture than [he] had ever known" (226).
Think about this statement and some counter-arguments to defend his family.

The last lines of the essay read "The last thing I want is an argument on my last night in Sanaa. I haven't seen my family since" (228). What is the "argument" about? How does it connect to the beginning of the essay?

Has your family faced similar challenges?
Switch partners again
Difficult Questions to Consider ...
Do men face gender subjugation in the
same way as women? Why or why not?

What is the definition of freedom?

Al-Solaylee describes his family not reading anymore but watching TV (227), is this any different than Western or North American culture?

Why is it acceptable for women in Canada to wear the veil, but not Yemen?

Does wearing a hijab, niqab, or burka free, protect, or repress women?
Grammar Dogs
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