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Strength quest

No description

kiara ohara

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Strength quest

My 5 strengths




Developer Quotes!
"You were born with the ability to change someones life, don't ever waste it".

"See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see".

"Strive for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION"!

"You are much stronger than you think".
Tv/ Movie Films
Stick it
STick it
Burt Vickerman
Burt sees potential in Haley. He knows she can be amazing so he doesn't give up on her.
Burt feels he is able to connect with Haley at the end and help her achieve her goals
He helps Haley become successful by preparing for the big meet.
Burt challenges Haley to stand up for herself, and make her realize there more to life.
Burt has faith in Haley and that things would get better and believes she will be amazing.
How become a Developer?
Motivate others
Be Positive
Think highly of everyone
Challenge others
Push people to reach their goals :)
Seeing potential in others, and that's mainly what I see in others
When interacting with others, my goal is to help them become successful.
I look for ways to challenge others.
Over time many people will seek out for help and encouragement because on some level they know that my helpfulness is genuine and fulfilling to others.

Strength quest
BY: Kiara o'hara
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