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Scott Mattingly

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Safety

General Safety Rules
Get into the habit of working safely in the lab. You’ll benefit yourself and your classmates. Remember, safety always comes first!
Develop a Safe Attitude
Read and follow all posted safety rules.
Consider each person's safety to be your responsibility.
Work quietly and give your full attention to the task at hand.
Never indulge in horseplay or other foolish actions.
Report accidents to your teacher at once.
Have Respect for Power Tools and Equipment
Before you use any tool or machine, make sure you know the safety rules and make sure you have your teacher's permission.
Use equipment only when the teacher is in the lab.
Do not let others distract you while you use a machine.
Do not use electrical tools or equipment if the cord or plug is damaged.
Always use the right tool for the job.
The wrong tool could injure you or damage the part you are working on.
Keep hands and fingers away from all moving parts.
If you must leave a machine, turn it off and wait until it stops.
When you finish using a machine, turn it off. Wait until it stops and then clean the machine and the area around it.
When you have finished working, return all tools and unused supplies to their proper places.
Wear Appropriate Clothing and Protective Equipment
Always wear eye protection.
Wear closed toe shoes, no sandals!
Do not wear loose clothes, jewelry, or other items that could get caught in machinery.
Prevent and Control Fire
Know where the nearest fire extinguisher is and how to use it.
Have Respect for Hazardous Materials and Waste
Products with major health risks should have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available.
Other common chemicals will have safety information on the labels. Check the labels of materials before you use them.
Maintain the Lab
Keep the work area clean.
Keep the floor and aisles clean at all times.
If a liquid is spilled, clean it up immediately as instructed by the teacher.
Always use a brush, not your hands, to clean dry materials from a table or piece of equipment.
Safety for Hand Tools
Misuse and improper maintenance pose the greatest hazard in using hand tools.
Always wear safety glasses.
Use the tool in the way it was designed to be used.
Safety for Electric Power Tools
Use care and common sense when working with electric power tools.
Prevent Electric Shock
Do not stand in water while using electric tools.
Make sure that all electrical cords are free of frays and breaks in the insulation.
Pull the plug, not the cord, when you unplug a tool or machine.
Damaging a cord may cause an electric shock.
Keep electrical cords away from sharp edges.
Use only power tools that have been properly grounded or double insulated.
Work Safely
Never set a hand-held power tool down while it is running or coasting.
Avoid accidental startups by keeping fingers off the start switch when carrying a tool.
When you approach a machine, be sure it is off and that it is not coasting.
Disconnect the power source before changing accessories such as bits,belts, and blades.
Keep tools as sharp and clean as possible for best performance.
Tell the teacher immediately if the machine doesn't sound right, or if you can see that something is wrong.
Allow machines to reach full speed before starting to cut.
Wait until the blade stops before removing any scraps. Use a brush, not your hands, to remove scraps.
Get your Notebook & Pencil
Guest Speaker Today:
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