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The Monkey Garden

No description

Dahlia Alrayes :)

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of The Monkey Garden

The Monkey Garden
Figurative Language
This vignette did not have much of similes, or alliterations or any of that sort, but it held a lot of symbolism that brought out the theme.
"The boys stolen her keys." The keys symbolize Sally's innocence, she is giving the boys her last shred of innocence away. They are taking it, and she has no problem.
"Far away from where our mothers could find us....this is where I wanted to die" The Monkey Garden symbolizes Esperanzas childhood.
Social Issue
The social issue in this vignette is a very common issue in our society nowadays. Not particularly in this country, but a huge issue worldwide.
Rape, even though it was censored in the book, happens to both Sally and Esperanza throughout 2 vignettes. It was a huge part of the book and was meant to teach an important lesson.
Rape happens due to lack of education and parental awareness, the people (rapists) don't know better.
The theme of this vignette is to embrace your childhood while you still can, while the theme of this story is coming of age.
These are related in many ways, because there is a point in everyone's life where they have to let go of their childhood and grow up.
The Monkey Garden is a place Esperanza goes with her friends to play around; play tag, hide and seek, etc. It was a safe and fun place to be a child
When Esperanza experiences something that really caused her life to change, the place she called her second home no longer seemed so great anymore.
"It was a joke I didn't get." Esperanza said as Sally joked around about the boys stealing her keys.
Esperanza's innocence-how she's unaware of the wrong that happens.
"Sally who screamed if she got her stockings muddy"
Sally acts very too maturely for her age.
By: Dahlia Alrayyes
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