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No description

Norafizah Zahari

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of eMadis

Presented by:
Nurul Sahida bt Adlan
Norafizah bt Zahari
Siti Mahsari bt Sataria
Normalina bt Deraman
Nor Idayu bt Ros Almi
Process 1
The user that already has active account can directly log in to the eMadis System. In the home menu of this system contain the information menu of a quick start for applicant include curriculum vitae, career@TNB, list of application, change password and log off
Once a system has a systematic menu the user can easily jump from one section to another section. A system also provides the user the ways on how user can seek job vacancies that advertised in a system
Process 2
Curriculum vitae are similar with the resume. The user can automatically fill in the personal information on this menu
The information includes personal particular, references, employment, education, professional or certificates, declaration, EVP and a photo
All the information will be keep in safe by a system and will be process by a system
Process 3
Career@TNB menu shows the user either their curriculum vitae (CV) status is active or not
If the CV status is not active, its mean that their CV is not process by a system and the user cannot apply any job vacancy offered by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).
Process 4
List of Application menu shows the user about the list of application on job vacancies that have been advertised in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) that already choose by the user itself based on their qualification. So, the user can save as their references
Reducing recruitment cost
can reduce the cost of the organization in the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants by using job boards, professional or career web sites and employer web sites
If TNB use the external factor by having job fair and use the advertisement to promote the job vacancy, it must involve many cost, so that eMadis system are reducing recruitment cost
Reaching large numbers of qualified applicants, local and international
the advertising of any job vacancy that TNB had promoted in the internet can be view by all the job seekers from all around the world
TNB can have many choices to recruit and choose the best candidates to fill the job vacancy
Able to evaluate the success of recruitment strategy
The probability to choose the best applicants to fill the job vacancy is higher in TNB when they are use eMadis system
This system will automatically not accept the applicants which are not have any requirement that TNB wants
Decreasing cycle time
TNB can simplify their work process in choosing the suit applicant to fill the job vacancy in the company
The cycle time in choosing the best applicant in manual process can be complicated but by using this system, TNB can decrease cycle time
Streamlining burdensome administrative process
eMadis system need the human resource manager to manage all the data and information about candidates just in the system that are not required to use many space an can avoid redundancy of information and also no need to print out the data
Thank you
The end
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