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Internet Safety

No description

Dylan Glaefke

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Internet Safety Notes
Digital Etiquette
Set of rules of how to behave online.
Do not flame which is losing control over the internet.
Be anonymous on the Internet.
Online use emoticons with friends.
Make sure its clear that you’re joking.
Online Safety
Information Privacy
Computer Viruses
It’s usually safe to go online as long as you be careful with sites.
Keep your identity a secret on websites.
Use crazy screen names so know one knows who you are.
Be extra careful with the people you meet online.
Get your parents involved with everything.

Even though its not physical it is bad, don’t think you’re not being mean when cyberbullying.
Never fight back, they just want a reaction from you.
Just delete the messages if you know its a bully.
Take a screenshot and report them or show it to a teacher or parent.

Don’t just give your information away.
Don’t try to download anything free unless you know it’s okay.
Scammers can see what sites you go to and all your personal information.
Never share anything you don’t want someone to see.
Watch out for bad emails, if you don’t recognize the sender don't open it.

Don’t ever download anything that offers free money or something you want.
They usually spread through e-mails so be careful.
Look through the list of what you’re downloading so you know it’s safe.
Sometimes viruses are disguised as good things make sure it is a trustable download before you start downloading.
Somethings automatically send from your friends computers so ask if they ment to send you something before you open it.


All of these images are from www.google.com/images
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