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Facebook Insights

Diving into Facebook Insights: key metrics, new features, actionable correlation, etc.

Vadim Lavrusik

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights Vadim Lavrusik, Community Manager & Social Media Strategist at Mashable.com Using Key Metrics to Optimize Your Facebook Presence User Insights Adding Insights Actionable Correlation Website Metrics Interaction Insights User Analytics Demographics Tracking Likers Tools User Activity Page Posts Page Activity Why does Engagement Matter? Increased exposure
Better UX
Active vs. Passive Users A/B Testing
Track your dates (before/after)
Size of data sample
Know your averages

Site Engagement Distribution Likes vs. Shares CTR vs. CPA Click-through rate = Clicks/Impressions
Click-per-action = Clicks/Total Actions
Challenge: Compare CPA of Facebook vs. Twitter Like Button Organic Shares Likes & Comments Questions? Facebook.com/digitaljournalist
Twitter: @Lavrusik
Prezi: bit.ly/fbinsight Let's Discuss What are some best practices you learned while building community on Facebook?
What are some lessons learned in effectively engaging your Facebook community?
For your page or site, what types of content gets the best engagement?
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