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Tuborg - An Integrated Marketing Communications

No description

Kio Briggs

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Tuborg - An Integrated Marketing Communications

Tuborg Green
Enhancing Tuborg Green's colour to become a potential brand equity that characterizes the entire brand.
An Integrated Marketing Communications

Brand Background Information

Brand Identity

Target Audience


Campaign objectives


Campaign Strategy

Media Strategy

Consumer call to action

Measuring success

Media plan

Brand Background Information
Tuborg's Brand Identity
Competition in the UK Market
Campaign Objectives
Campaign Strategy
Social Brand
Tuborg becoming a major player among brands on social media.

Top interactive brand within its industry.
Creative Approach
Social Media
Mass Media
Media Strategy
Social Media
Social Media
Ability to gain market insight

Consumers more often using social media to learn about brands and products

Users likely to purchase food or beverage products through social media influence

Increased Pound (£) : Exposure ratio

Removing limitations on word of mouth

Social Media Choices and Justification
80% of Facebook users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook

67% of businesses have generated leads through Facebook

33% of Generation Y consumers are likely to buy from a company if it has a FB page.

If a consumer “likes” a brand it immediately increases its reach to the consumers’ friends.

51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products.

Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users.

42% of Twitter users learn about products and services via Twitter

85% of people say they feel more connected to the business after they follow them.
52% of consumers say blogs have impacted their decisions.

Customers say blogs in relation to influencing customer purchase decision online rank 3rd.

86% of “influencers” blog.

Communicate across outlets with consistent tone of voice

Respond to online customers; help build rapport and loyalty

Differentiate brand in social media from noise

Hashtagging; it is the social strap line

Adequate usage of social media (Peak times)

Effective Communication to Target Audience
Majority of postings made during peak times of customer usage (Weekends and 12-4pm everyday)

Posting often at non-peak times to limit noise around communication

Offer promotions online as often as possible; 48% follow brands to take advantage of promotions

Take advantage of vast ways of communication for brands i.e. fan pages, product launches, and competitions

Engaging in “real” interactions – 56% of customer tweets are usually ignored

Differentiate Brands Style of Tweets (COOL, Music?)

Developing viral campaigns through Hashtag strap lines

Frequently tweet (quality). Only 23% of brand tweets generate interest

Follow and interact with TA influencers, as this can gain interest to the brand from TA.

Use influencing (relative to the brand) bloggers to communicate with TA

Remain within the brand personality/tone of voice

Linking blog posts to brands’ online networks (social media and websites)

Product Placement
Video Games
Mass Media
Perceived Endorsement
Reduced Cost
Prolonged Exposure of Brand With Play
Target Audience
Video Games
Linking the brand to an influential "trend setter"

Reduced cost of Advertising in comparison to other mass media advertising e.g. Television and Film

Users play video games in repetition to complete tasks, leading to continuous exposure of brand

Having the ability to further segment the TA and reach them "directly"

Game with ESRB Rating of Alcohol Reference, thus in favor of Tuborg placement

Ability to reach many wide target audience through different platforms
Interact With Brand Through Social Media
Get Involved With the Brand Offline
Purchase as Lifestyle Brand
Consumer Call to Action
Social Media Involvement
Increased Market Share within Demographic
PR From Competitions
Measuring Success
Media Plan
Print Media
Outdoor Media
Video Games

Sports Games

Adventure Games
Call of Duty
Final Fantasy

Alternative Sports Games
Shaun White
Tony Hawk
Majority of Male Players

Ages 10-24

Platforms include;
XBox 360, PS3, PC, Wii

Content Page
Toby Walker
Increase Brand Awareness

Increased Social Traffic

Top 3 UK Beer Brand Amongst Students

Provide Market and Consumer Insight

Develop Brand Loyalty

Moderate Marketing Expenses

Increase brand quality

Develop a Brand Equity for Tuborg

Collectables Collected
Building a Brand-Consumer Social Relationship
Leading to Developing Brand Trust to Try Product
Diverse product package
Innovation in the product design
Promotional Product (Sales Premium)
Price is relevant to the target market (Affordable)

No need for change

Many opportunities but are not used well enough or at all

Engage with everything that young adults like
Product Placement
Promotion at Airports
Sales Premiums; Collectables
University Promotions
Social media (Including Blogs)
Additional 2 or 3 supermarkets; Sainsbury's, ASDA.
Selling Tuborg in pubs and clubs in the UK
Placing products directly in homes through competition promotions.
Consumers getting involved in offline sales promotions (Collectable wristbands) gives the brand the opportunity to develop an offline presence.
Tuborg customers to purchase brand products as a lifestyle brand; the ultimate young, cool, music orbited lifestyle.
/University Towns
Live in shared student accommodation
Shop at a budget
Purchase product often based on price
Less cash; more content
Moderately high product usage rate
18-25 years old
Fun seeker
"Party animal"
Music lover
Trend setter/Influencer
Target Audience (STP)
Distribution of a single product in UK market
Product currently only sold in a single supermarket.
(Brand Equity)
Possible In-game Product Placements
Target Audience Example
This could help measure the involvement of customers with the brands offline presence
Tuborg 33%
Budweiser 15%
Becks 20%
Stella 10%
Carling 5%
Tuborg’s mission: being the obvious choice for young adults (cool & fresh)
Global Rejuvenation Program
Fresh look - new visual identity
Music is the DNA of Tuborg
Open For More

Sales Premiums/Sweepstakes
Competitions meant to increase customers' involvement with brand, maintaining brand identity of music revolving

• Eastern Europe Market Leader

• Present in more than 70 countries

• Under Carlsberg Group

• Over 7 Years Experience Sponsoring Music Events.

• Greenfest music festival by Tuborg

• Unique bottle designs

• Lack of Awareness in UK Market

• Loss of Identity

• Taste Known as Inferior to Other Competitors

• Products not Significantly Differentiated

• Little Marketing Campaigns

• Small Advertising Budgets

• No Associations with Sports

• Increase Presence European Market

• More Communication Campaigns

• By reducing ABV, Tuborg are Able to Compete in the ‘Lite Beer’ Categories

• New ABV in the UK strengthen licensees offer in 4% segment

• Substitute Options (e.g. Wine)

• Increase in Advertising From Bigger Competitors

• Competition From Import Beers

• Decrease in the Beer Consumption Trend in the UK

• Price wars From Competitors

• Taxes and Government Regulations on Alcoholic Beverages

Advantages of Sponsorship
Leading to positive PR; through assisting brand competition talent
Solidifying and better building brand image through music (Young and Musical)
Becoming an emotionally chosen brand though audience attachment talent
Helps clearly differentiate brand from competitor. "Tuborg Talent"
Building goodwill amongst target audience; showing interest in "building dreams"
Sponsoring winning talent from competitions

Talent then become brand ambassadors

Battle of the bands

Regional - select few Universities

Customer involvement/entertainment with brand


Possibility of expanding the competition to the national stage
PR from association to Brand Ambassador (Tuborg Talent)

PR derived from hosting competition
0.1 %
57.4 %
13.7 %
Stella Artois
8.6 %
9.7 %
10.5 %
" ...during the early brand building years retail businesses spend much more than other businesses on marketing – up to 20 percent of sales."
Tuborg having 0.1% UK market share = need to increase market share with heavy marketing campaign

Budget will be 20% of total revenue last financial year
Tuborg Progress
Brand Persona
Creates a means for which customers can interact with the brand personally, encouraging building a brand-customer relationship
Sales premium collectables in collaboration with sweepstakes are meant to entice customers to purchase brand products.
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Media Plan (II)
Social Media
Facebook and Twitter Social media are to run year round as it is of no cost and a brands personality cannot just stop or change during particular months based on target audience uses of social media.

Blogs are to run between March-July and September-October, this is during term time, the target audience are more likely to read blogs during this time, leading up to holiday periods they are bound to be more influences than if they ran over summer and Christmas periods.

Mass Media: Video Games
Video Games
like social media run all year, the agreement is for the products and brand symbols to be placed in a specific version of the game, because it is a video game exposure is based on the frequency of the user playing the game.

Sponsorship (CSP)

Competitions - These times are appropriate as they are during the times the target audience are able to find themselves most “free/available” the months of “freshers” and after exams. The target audience are more likely to be open to a new experience.

Sponsorship – Turborg will be sponsoring winning talent of competitions and this talent will be brand ambassadors for the the brand. Tuborg will continuously be a sponsor as it will have attached its’ name to the talent through the competition so sponsorship is not paid for but rather in some ways it was earned.

PR – PR will be done with association of Tuborg talent during the summer month of which they will be performing during regular concerts and festivals and importantly at Tuborg run and sponsored; this period is music festival season. Tuborg’s targeted customers will have chance to come to these festivals as it is non-academic part of the year.

Premiums/Sweepstakes - Attracting customers to buy Tuborg products by offering sweepstakes is planned to run between June-July and September-October, this is after-exam period and during freshers week. This is very suitable time and target audience have more free time available.

Tuborg Integrated Marketing Communications 2013
Effective Communication With Selected Outlets
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