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1. right now im stuck with drama.

No description

Ashley Acosta

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of 1. right now im stuck with drama.

Grow 07 Stay Strong
I had drama with some friends of mine and i was stuck but I got unstuck by talking to my parents and realizing after high school I will probably never see them again so I saw an opening and said to my self to just ignore it and everything because it will only bring me down and I don't need that and I need to graduate and let them hate me if they want because I don,t need those kind of people in my life.
1. Right now I am stuck with drama.
2. A new way to think about it is that I know who my real friends are.
3. I can get help by talking to my parents.
4. I can make things better by ignoring it and making my education my main priority and not the drama.
~Ashley Acosta~
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