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04.04 Create a Phytoplankton

No description

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of 04.04 Create a Phytoplankton

04.04 Create a Phytoplankton
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Did your model drop at the exact same rate each time?
With the water test they fell around 20-30 seconds when i added pennies.
With the air drop they basically fell a the same time around 6-7 seconds
What accounted for the differences in the drop rate?
The height its held at - Air drop

What would cause differences in the sinking rate in the ocean?
The weight can cause a difference, salt can make a differences too
What could you change in your model to increase the amount of time it took to drop to the ground?
You can change the weight, changing the weight will make it lighter so it will take a longer flight to the ground
Would you say that your model would be a successful phytoplankton? Explain why or why not?
Yes because it dropped not only at a steady rate but it also dropped slowly instead of really quick.
BY : Chelsea Calice
Materials/ Describe the model
1. Foil Paper - its light and east for me to add pennies
2. Pennies - to add weight
3. Unfolded paper clip - flagella
Water Drop

Air Drop

Describing your model
My model of the phytoplankton is basically foil paper in a bowl shape. I used foil paper because its light weight and won't get really moist with the water and won't come out of shape with the air test. I used a paper clip for the flagella.
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