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Buildings, architecture, furniture and more

Conny V.

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium

To sum up,
the GBG is a place to ... learn meet
friends do sports be creative have fun and more Art and design In the 'Südflügel' (south wing) you will find the classrooms of the grades 5 and 6.
Furthermore, the building comprises an own staff room and specialist rooms for Art, Science and Technology.
The break hall with its stage is also used for smaller events.
Moreover, there is a billiard and table football room open for all students in spare lessons. Hauptgebäude Neubau Südflügel Buildings General facts about our school Name: Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium (GBG)

Founding year: 1968

Number of pupils: 1389 (725 females, 664 males)

Number of teachers: 110 (56 females, 54 males)

Average number of pupils per class: 30 in the grades 5-9, 23 in the grades 10-12

Average number of classes in a grade: 5,8 Hello everyone!
Guten Tag!
Iyi günler! What is a 'Gymnasium' ? Where is our school? After the primary school (grade 1-4) you can choose from three further school types:

Gymnasium (grade 5 to 12)
Realschule (grade 5 to 10)
Hauptschule (grade 5 to 9)

The 'Gymnasium' is the highest type of German secondary school.
It aims to prepare the students for the 'Abitur', the German university entrance qualification. You can also find the main staff room and the secretariat there. Thank you for your attention! As the name already says, the 'Neubau' (new building) is our new renovated building. It has further class rooms and well-appointed rooms for science. Sports area Since the foundation of the GBG in 1968, our school sets a high value on Art.
In the entire building different projects of all grades represent the subject Art. Also many artworks of graduation classes beautify the GBG. The whole pictures and sculptures make our school more colorful and the students feel more comfortable. 'The red room': These sculptures were made by the Advanced Art course 2006. They stand beside the secretary. This was made by the graduation class in 2006. On the fish are the signatures of all the school leavers. This picture was drawn by one of our
Art teachers. The floor to the staff room in the main building is also decorated with many self-made pictures. Even in front of the toilets the wall is painted. The projects' names are: 'Future wishes' (in the front) and 'The picture of the things - still life' (in the back). When the sun shines, the school life can be so beautiful. Outside the school there are several possibilities to calm down and forget the stressful everyday school life. The school yard Special furniture for
physical disabled students Since a few years, all of our school is also accessible for physically-challenged people via ramps and an elevator.
In this way, people disabled students have no problems in moving anymore. The GBG - more than a school Solar energy Solar energy—power from the sun—is clean and unlimited.
When you take a look on our roofs, you will notice solar collectors which capture the sun's energy for electricity.
Namely, the GBG is an environment school.
We take responsibility to keep the environment for the future. Specialist rooms Other special rooms Beside the main buildings there is also a big sports area. The sports area has a a big gym which can be divided into three smaller sections by partition walls. It also includes a smaller gym, two gymnastics halls and an indoor swimming pool. Apart from the standard equipment in the gym, we have also rowing boats and ski equipment. Chemistry Our school has three informatics rooms, appointed with at least 16 computers and one printer. In the main building there is also a data projector where the teacher can demonstrate how programs work. Informatics Art Music In comparison to the other Science rooms, the chemistry rooms' tables have their own gas and water connections. With them, the students are able to do many experiments on their own - of course, only under the supervision of a teacher.
In these rooms, security is very important: When something goes wrong, the teacher immediately turns off the 'emergency stop button' which breaks the main connection. In case of an accident, a fire extinguisher and a first-aid box is always there. Materials for
experiments An experiment with a gas burner
The GBG is one of only five schools in Germany who has fume cupboards for students. periodic table of the elements
on the wall The teacher's fume cupboard to
demonstrate dangerous experiments In our Art rooms we learn practice and theory. For practicing (e.g. drawing) many materials are given, such as paper and cups for the watercolors. But the pupils also have to bring their own materials which they can store in the cupboards (see first picture).
When pupils work with watercolors they can put their papers on the dryer stillage (see second picture, in the back). For learning theory we have an Overhead projector and a pull down screen. There, pictures and sketches can be shown and discussed with the class. Furthermore we have many paintings to analyze in our Art collection.
For example, below you can see the portrait of "The Merchant of Georg Gisze" by Hans Hohlbein the Younger. Our music room is also really well-appointed.
There are two blackboards, where one has stave to write down some notes.
Of course, our music rooms have many instruments. Here you can see a piano, a drum set and two congas. In the cupboard, there are many smaller instruments, such as rattles, rhythm sticks, bells and so on.
Often, singing is also a part of the music lessons, so that it is not surprising to hear the music in the corridor. Informatics has also relation with robots. In the Informatics rooms in the main building many students work on building their own robots with their teacher.
Our school is multiple world champion in the RoboCup. The 'Mediothek' with teaching materials where the teachers cannot only lend dictionaries and poster papers, but also TVs, laptops and data projectors to support the lessons with media.
There is also a possibility to make video productions (studio). Sometimes, the teachers need extra materials for their lessons. Therefore, our school offers a room The 'Schülerbüro' At school everything does not always go smoothly.
Especially in the younger grades, there are often conflicts between the pupils.
The GBG has a project where pupils of the 9th grade (mentors) help pupils in the fifth grade to learn 'fair and respectful treatment of fellow students'. After a one-year apprenticeship, the mentors manage the 'Schülerbüro' (pupils office). It is open in every second break for younger pupils to solve their problems with the mentors. Pupils writing posters about mediation Process of mediation Other projects The billiard and table football room Have you ever seen students playing billiard, table football or air-hockey at school?
At our school, there is a special room for that.
This year the 'SV' (student council) bought the tables with the earnings of events. In spare lessons, the students have the opportunity to play games (for free) and have fun there. Outside, our own sports stadium offers fields for running, football, beach volleyball and more. Here are some examples: 'Coffee beans and more' - a project by the Art Advanced Course 2010 enjoy the nature The 'Hauptgebäude' (main building) is the biggest building of the GBG. Here are the classrooms of the grades 7-9. Except for that, there are several specialist rooms for Art, Music, Chemistry, and Technology. When pupils are hungry, they can go to the cafeteria or the canteen which is open on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunchtime only. Additionally, the main building has a school library and a Internet cafe (only for the students of grade 10-12) to do some researches . The central location for events is the forum with lighting and sound system where are seats for 350 people. Thank you for your attention! A presentation by Conny Vuong
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