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EE - Final Project - VI: Nuclear Energy Position

No description

Loven Epic

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of EE - Final Project - VI: Nuclear Energy Position

Nuclear Energy
The Environment
Controversy over nuclear energy
In a nuclear power plant, they split the cores within uranium, which exposes major amounts of heat. That heat then turns the nearby water into steam. That steam rises which then turns a turbine that creates electricity. This electricity can then can be used for anything from houses to hybrid cars.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant disaster information.
Facts about safety in nuclear plants.
Less greenhouse gases emitted into the environment instead of using coal and lumber to produce energy, you could use one shred of uranium to do the same job.
one shred of uranium can do the work of five thousand pounds of lumber, think of how many trees that could be saved by using nuclear energy.
Nuclear energy is also not affected by weather change or foreign markets, so it is very reliable.
The Pros and Cons to the environment by using nuclear energy.
The disposal of nuclear waste is a problem, because of the waste also has a great chance of polluting the environment.
The price to make a nuclear plant is around two billion dollars, and ten years to build, also older plants can cost billions to decommission
Nuclear plants also have a high risk of terrorists invading them because the plants nuclear energy that can be used as a weapon.
Accidents and malfunctions can occur in power plans, potentially resulting in amounts of deadly uranium pouring out into the environment and the public.
Plants use high amounts of water collected from lakes, affecting marine life
How the energy is created
Against nuclear power.
With nuclear power.
Nuclear energy in Africa.
Africa has two power plants.
The first power plant began in 1984.
The power plants generate five percent of electricity in South Africa.
From 1951 to present uranium mining has been taking place in South Africa.
Location of the
power plants.
Location of Three Mile Nuclear Plant.
Three Mile Island is located in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
An opinion on nuclear energy
Yes, nuclear energy can be a very efficient power supply that could save many trees in Africa, so many might think that nuclear energy could be good in Africa. Though, many people don't see the downsides such as waste and terrorist attacks (bombs). So, I believe that Africa should only start making power plants when they are more environmentally stable.
Conversation with Civilian One
"I think that Africa needs to come up with different methods of power without polluting the environment. Their energy must be self sustaining."
Another opinion on nuclear power
I think that it is important to use nuclear power, but I think it should be used as a backup plan. Not a primary source of energy.
Sustainability Definition
The ability to maintain progress to a certain level.
Interview with Civilian Two
"I think that nuclear plant have gotten a bad reputation, and if nuclear plants take better safety measures they will have an important place in history."
Thank you
watching, Mr.Steese
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