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James Dashner: The Eye of Minds

No description

Cecilia Zimmerli

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of James Dashner: The Eye of Minds

<james dashner:
the eye of minds>
<the mortality doctrine
series: #1>
<main character:
<a Tangent who thinks he's a teenage boy>
<an experienced gamer and hacker>
<is hired by VNS (VirtNet Security) to track down Kaine>
<major character:
<a best friend of Michael's>
<goes with Michael to find Kaine>
<smart, practical>
<major character:
<another friend of Michael's>
<also goes with him to find Kaine>
<jokey, a little weird>
<neither he nor Sarah have actually met Michael in real life--only on the VirtNet>
<major character:
<a Tangent, hacker and mastermind who lives inside the VirtNet>
<holds people hostage inside the VirtNet>
<wants to implement the Mortality Doctrine, and eventually succeeds>
<major character:
gunner skale>
<a legendary VirtNet gamer>
<mysteriously disappeared some time ago>
<now a hermit in a hidden place of the VirtNet called The Path>
<minor characters: helga, ronika, agent weber, cutter, killsims>
<mostly inside the VirtNet, specifically in Lifeblood, Devils of Destruction, and The Path>
<Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are all hackers. In the beginning of the book, the VNS tells Michael that if he and his friends can track down and stop the hacker Kaine, who is holding people hostage in the VirtNet, they will be greatly rewarded. They also tell him about the Mortality Doctrine, a program that puts others' lives in potential danger.>
<In the VirtNet, Michael, Bryson, and Sarah meet up with Ronika, but soon get attacked by KillSims. The KillSims capture ronika and almost do the same to Michael. Soon after, Michael starts experiencing agonizing headaches.>
<Michael, Bryson, and Sarah go through the game Devils of Destruction to enter the Path, where they face countless horrors, including an encounter with Gunner Skale and his demon friends, to find Kaine.>
<Michael tries and fails to stop a girl named Tania from committing suicide in the VirtNet from fear of Kaine.>
<Michael talks to Bryson and Sarah about what happened.>
<Michael exits the VirtNet and gets literally kidnapped by the VNS and brought to Agent Weber.>
<Agent Weber tells him about the Mortality Doctrine and recruits him, Bryson, and Sarah to find Kaine in the VirtNet.>
<rising action>
<Michael and his friends enter the VirtNet, or the Sleep, where Kaine warns them not to look for him. This almost makes the three back off, but the VNS threatens to deny them access to the VirtNet if they don't continue.>
<They ask Cutter, an old barber in the Sleep, for help on where to look for Kaine. Cutter tells them about The Path and about a woman called Ronika.>
<The three meet Ronika at a club in the VirtNet. Ronika tells them a bit more about Kaine, and says they could find a Portal to The Path in the game Devils of Destruction.>
<In the club, Kaine's KillSims attack them. They capture Ronika and almost capture Michael too.>
<Michael, Bryson, and Sarah go back to their homes in the real world, or the Wake. There Michael's headaches begin.>
<Eventually, Michael and his friends enter the Sleep again, and find out that you need to be at least 25 to play Devils of Destruction.>
<After a huge struggle, they force their way in. Then, after "dying" twenty-some times in the game, they finally find and enter the Portal to The Path.>
<In The Path, Michael, Sarah, and Bryson walk down a dark hallway, bust open a wall (a weak spot in the code), go down a seemingly endless staircase, and enter another hallway, this one full of undead people that attacked you when you weren't looking at them.>
<Bryson figures something out near the end of the hall, but he doesn't tell Michael or Sarah. Instead, he goes crazy and bolts for the door at the end of the hall, only to get attacked, "killed", and sent back to the Wake.>
<Michael and Sarah escape the hall to enter what looks like a forest path.>
<A hermit who introduces himself as Slake leads them to his house in the forest, where he has a bunch of animal servants/friends. He warns them of nearby demons.>
<While eating dinner with him, Michael and Sarah find out that Slake is actually Gunner Skale, a legendary gamer. Skale also tells them that Kaine is a Tangent and not really human.>
<The next morning, Skale tells them that the demons are present. Then his animals turn into the demons and attack the Michael and Sarah.>
<Michael and Sarah just barely escape thanks to a weak spot in the code--an altar in an old church. The next part of The Path they enter is the inside of a volcano.>
<Not even halfway through the volcano, Sarah gets hit by a fireball and "dies", getting sent back to the Wake and leaving Michael to finish the mission alone.>
<Michael makes it through the volcano and enters another Portal, only to find himself in a white room.>
<Metal arms grab Michael, drill into his head, and destroy his Core, putting Michael's real life on the line.>
<Michael then transports to a desert, at the end of which he finds an outhouse. A stranger tries to convince him not to go through, but Michael does, and enters another Portal, this time finding himself in what appears to be a medieval castle.>
<Michael finds Kaine and some other Tangents in a sort of meeting, and he eavesdrops on them. He hears Kaine tell the Tangents that they will become human through the Mortality Doctrine.>
<Kaine sees Michael, and orders some of the other Tangents to bring Michael to him. Michael escapes and runs.
<The VNS come to take down Kaine, just like they had promised Michael. A battle begins between the VNS and the Tangents. The castle is blown apart, piece by piece.>
<Michael runs away into the forest nearby and falls asleep.>
<A Tangent jerks Michael awake and drags him to Kaine.>
<Kaine tells Michael that he will help Kaine essentially take over the world. Then he tells Michael that he wiped Michael's parents from existence.>
<Michael attacks Kaine, then realizes there's no point, and exits the room, running back to the battle scene. There he sees people running from a pack of KillSims.>
<Michael tries and fails to take out the KillSims with a dropped laser gun. Then Michael tries something else--he starts hacking again, obliterating the code instead of manipulating it. It works, literally blowing the KillSims away.>
<Michael wakes up back in the real world, to find himself in a completely different house than his own. He then realizes that he is also an entirely different person.>
<He checks his messages. There is one from Kaine, saying that Michael was the first to be successfully implemented into the Mortality Doctrine program. It also says that he had been a Tangent experiencing Decay (the headaches) but thanks to the Mortality Doctrine he was an actual human.>
<Michael reflects on the message, until Agent Weber comes to his door. She tells him that she does exist and that he isn't alone.>
<Perseverance is the key to success. Giving up would've gotten Michael nowhere, and ultimately would've cost him. But he didn't give up, and he did what he had to do.>
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