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History of Country Music

No description

Kristin Gustafson

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of History of Country Music

History of Country Music
Phase 4
Genre of American Popular Music
How did Country Music Change Over the Years?
Take 60 seconds to think
Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Originated in Rural Regions in Southern United States
Roots come from American Folk music and Western Music
Early Country Music
First Country Singer to have a Nationwide hit
May 1924
"Wreck of the Old '97 "
Second Generation
Patsy Montana
-Opened the door for Women and Country Music
First Generation
Vernon Dalhart
Cowboy and Western Songs
Bob Wills
Mixed country and jazz together
Third Generation
-Very popular
-Mix of Rock-and-Roll and Hillbilly Music.
Bluegrass, Folk and Gospel
Red Foley
-Wrote biggest gospel hit right after WWII
Elvis Presley
Johnny Cash
Country Rock
-Aftermath of the British Invasion
-Mix between the British and Rock-n-Roll,
resulting in Country Rock.
Fourth Generation
Country Pop
-Blending Country and Folk Rock musical types
John Denver
-Developed this style of country music
Roy Orbison
-Made top 10 of both
Billboard Hot Country Singles and Hot 100 Charts
Fifth Generation
Country Music was being played on more radio stations
Dixie Chicks
-Most popular country band
Sixth Generation
Carrie Underwood
-First woman to have a #1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 Songs in the 2000-2009 Decade.
Rock style still has influence on country music
Most successful country artist in early 2010 is Taylor Swift
Where Pop and Country
come together
Write down four thoughts on your whiteboard
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