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Tree of education - Prezi template

Prezi template tree of education, made from semitransparent circles and vector based elements. Prezi has beautiful light yellow 3D background. Smooth movement between slides. http://Preziland.com

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Transcript of Tree of education - Prezi template

Tree of Education
Prezi template

Tree of Education
Tree of Education
Tree of Education
Tree of Education
Make your infographics
More Prezi templates :
Lets learn new words:
Bumbershoot - An umbrella.
Discombobulate - To confuse.
Klutz - An awkward, stupid person
Maverick - A loner, someone outside the box.
Nincompoop - A foolish person.
Smellfungus - A perpetual pessimist.
Oocephalus - An egghead
Pettifogger - A person who tries to
befuddle others with his speech.
Skedaddle - To hurry somewhere.
Prezi template
Change titles, subtitles, text, colors
zoom and change slide animations
add your logo, rearrange circles
Age group of people who loves school
years old
from Preziland.com
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