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global history

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seth shaw

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of global history

a social and economic system that was give and take no center of government which is y it was weak
Nile R.
Tigris R.
Magna Carta
the law that limited the power of the kings.
The church had the most power in the middle ages even more then the kings.
The crusades was to get holy land back from the Muslims but failed at this but did spread ideas and trade it/ began the end of the dark ages and contributed to the commercial revolution.
The plague killed 1/3 to 1/2 of the people of Europe. The plague was the end of feudalism. And contributed to the commercial revolution and the guild system.
Commercial Revolution
As trade and manufacture based (guild system) economic activity being to replaces entirely agricultural economy of feudalism.
art,humanism= spiritual and worldly (secular) focus on books and plays not just religious anymore like the work of Sakespear.
Church split and weakened, printing press, people read and began to interpret bible for themselves, Martin Luther, 95 thesis against sale of indulgences,Hanry VIII, Act of supremacy started his own church to w/himself as head
Columbian Exchange, two hemispheres meat 1st time, new food culture,etc. spread, Spain and Portugal dominated, slave trade results
Inca, Aztec, and Maya
The 3 mane groups in South America and brout us the Mayan calender. All of them were killed off from the spanish in war or viruses they could not fight.
Age of Absolutism
During this time the kings were the most powerful. Money from exploration and the churches division gave them this. The rulers believed they were put there by god witch is divine right.
The Rulers
King Phillip II of Spain tried to control every thing in his country even the religion.
Queen Elizabeth of England was so worried about being overpowered she never had married she was a virgin queen
King Luis XIV was a king that put his land in debt by building a meager house for gust him he never slept in the same room 2 nights in a row.
King Peter the Great help lead his land out of a great time of fear and spread his land to be an empire unlike it has never been before.
They were a grope that believed in growing as big as they can. They were the reason the chines built the great wall of china. it was Chinggis Khan son who had finally made it into and able to control china. They never believed in bathing and were vary close to there horses. They were great warriors and spread culture and protecshion along silk roads.
The Great Rift Valley
The place were archeologist believe that this is were every person in the world came from. From the evidence that they were able to find. They believe that they were there before the contortions split

Triangular Trade
trade in goods and foods
raw product
fin. product
Ghana made power and wealth from gold and the introduction of the camels during the Trans Saharan trade increased the quantity of goods that were transported.
Euphrates R.
Persian Gulf
Mediterranean Sea
yellow sea
yellow river
River Valleys Civ.
People began as farmers and they needed wet land to grow there crops so they lived near rivers so that when they over flowed and the water reseeded the land could be farmed.
the mane trading pt. on the Trans Saharan trade rout.

Neolithic Revolution
Agriculture leads ton settements surplus of food means people have extra time ton do other things (build, write, invent)
Bantu Migration is when people form
Africa spreads around the globe

trade throw the seas and rivers
Mediterranean Trade
Sahara Desert
Trans Saharan Trade
Silk Roads
they helped trade of goods like
silk and spices for gold and wool
French Revolution
Caused by the enlightenment ideas (goal= liberty, equality and fraternity). 3 estates taxed only the 3rd. revolution became radical
Napoleonic France
nationalism, spread out taxes, made law codes, but was to ambitious he tryed to rowl the world.
a lot of city states do to the Mts. decentralized and competitive. Athens gave us democracy, a lot of art, poetry from Homer, and myths. Alexander the Great led them to there most prospers time. Hellenistic Culture blended from conquered lands. They had many gods and goddesses another grate city from this time was Sparta a city known for there army.
Peninsular location was a big key to controlling the Mediterranean. Julius Ceaser was there greatest ruler and lead them to being the most powerful. Went from republic to an empire. the law was the 12 tables and the government was structure Senate they also had many gods and goddesses.
They kept Rome and greek living alive during the dark ages in Europe. Constantinople was located right between Asia and Europe. It was made when the Eastern Orthodox church split from Catholic do to beliefs of how was ruler king or pope. They spread to Russia using Cyrillic Alphabet.
They were the rulers of the seas and vary advanced in there ship building in there time. They also brout us the 1st alphabet
as a vary rich empire and when Sundiata toke the thrown the empire doubled in size. He was known as the hungering lion or the lion king.
was also rich like the two empires that came before. Began the slave trade because of all of the fighting but also was a huge part of the trade along the Trans Saharan trade route.
They reunited India and gave us the numbers of 0 to 10 they were also advanced in medicine, art and space. was a vary peaceful people.
The Han Dynasty brought China to new heights, politically, socially and militarily. They made maps of the silk roads, they made improvements to farming tools,
During the Tang Dynasty, China achieved the peak of its civilization and became the center of trade in the east
they had first Chinese government that built a permanent standing navy to protect its aquatic and land territory.
during the Ming Dynasty the navy and and army were for the first time constructed of one million troops, a size that surpassed all others. Also during this time the Grate wall was reconstructed.
had developed and enhanced harpoon fishing ability's. They were influenced by there geography.
the way and beliefs of someone
Cultural Diffusion-
the combination of 2 or more cultures resulting in a new out come
when a grope of people turn on there government
when the people have the power
when you believe in one god
Divine Right-
when you feel that god put you in power and you only need to answer to him
when the economy went to having stores not traders
Natural Rights-
that everyone is born with a clean slat
the belief that your beliefs are the only right ones
when the kind gives safety to the people and the people pay the king taxes.
Monotheistic beliefs were Judaism how was began by Abraham and had a holy book of the Torah, Christianity (began= Jesus, book= bible), Islam (began= Mohammad, book= Quran) they all started in the Middle East
All beliefs shared the same Golden Rule
Polytheistic and ancestor worship that began in Asia are Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism
Animism is the earliest form of belief in native tribes it worshiped the nature spirits
Islam was began by Mohammad there holy book is the Quran and they believe in the 5 pillars and travailing to Mecca. They were great in Math Science and Medicine.
They mad gunpowder, paper Grate wall and had the Mandate of Heaven.
As people moved around they had to adapted to the land they were around.
center of learning
from Muslim pilgrams
like Mansa Musa
this shows the
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