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Articles of Confederation

No description

Tyler Harris

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

What was it?
The Articles

Americas 1st Constitution
1777 to 1787
Warm up:
Why do you think the
Colonists were able to defeat the British army?

by all 13 Colonies in 1881
Why did it not last?
The Bad...
Individual states had to much Power
Central Government had to little power-unable to enforce laws on states
Each state issued its own paper money
National government is forced to borrow $$$ and soldiers from the states
States had control of placing and collecting taxes
No National leader

The Good...
The ability to Operate post offices
The ability to declare war and make peace
The ability to deal with foreign countries and
sign treaties
No National Army/Navy, each state controlled its own
The Ugly
Takes 13 out of 13 votes to Amend
Articles of Confederation
(Congress did not always show up)
Each state only receives 1 vote, no matter the population size
Congress is the only branch of Government
Assignment: In groups create
2 political cartoons one that shows weakness and one that shows strength.
How long did it last?
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