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The Size and Distribution of Human Settlements

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Justin Howard

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of The Size and Distribution of Human Settlements

Human Features Physical Features Land Use Population Density Trade Routes Topography Fresh Water Natural Resources Climate Human Settlements Topography is how the land is laid out. Cities can't grow unless they have access to fresh water. Flat land for building and farming determines the size of a settlement Climate determines how much food can be grown and the animals that can be raised Large populations can't be sustained unless plants and animals can be raised to feed them How are most people making a living? Agriculture requires large amounts of land. Forestry - cutting down trees for wood. Forested areas have low population densities Land used for business and trade supports the highest population density The number people who live in a square mile/kilometer very dense moderately dense People live there? People live where they can make money oceanic shipping routes China's 10 largest cities are along the coast highways harvesting natural resources brings people to undesirable locations National Defense military bases are established to control and defend territory or conduct secret operations People move to areas that are already populated Population density will be lower in agricultural areas. Why do millions of people live in Tokyo, while so few live in Mongolia? Factors of Vegetation Soil Temperature Elevation Moisture
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