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Douglas County College and Career Institute

No description

Geri Armstrong

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Douglas County College and Career Institute

Geri Armstrong
Assistant Principal

What is the CCI?
Students from all Douglas County high schools enroll in either high school courses or dual enroll in college classes
Students can get a head start on their career and prepare for either the work force or college
Students can get both high school credit and college credit while enrolled in dual enrollment programs.
Dual enrollment programs allow students to earn either a technical school certificate or diploma while still in high school.
Who can attend the CCI?
Any student enrolled in a Douglas County High School can enroll and attend the high school courses offered at the CCI.
Students who are at least 16 years of age, on track for graduation, a high school junior or senior and meet the enrollment criteria for their program of interest can participate in the dual enrollment programs.
What is the CCI?
The Douglas County College and Career Institute is located on the campus of West Georgia Technical School and is a collaboration between the Douglas County School System, West Georgia Technical College and the Douglas County Chamber of Commerce.
Dual Enrollment
Dual enrollment is a collaboration between the Douglas County School System and West Georgia Technical College.
Students must first meet the criteria of the local school system to participate in dual enrollment programs. (interested students should see their high school counselor to find out if they qualify for dual enrollment programs).
What Classes are available at the CCI?
High School Classes
Broadcast Video
Graphic Arts
Dual Enrollment
Auto Tech
Computer Information Systems
Computer Aided Drafting
Culinary Arts
Dental Assisting
Early Childhood Development
Game Development Specialist
Law Enforcement
Nurse Aide
Pharmacy Technician
What's new at the CCI?
CCI 9th grade Academy
Senior Capstone Project
An initiative by the state to encourage students to participate in a work-based learning program and/or a career related project to promote college and career readiness.
A blended learning opportunity for 60 9th grade students in Douglas County to attend classes at the CCI all day.
How can you support the CCI?
How Can you Support the CCI?
If you or someone you know owns a local business, encourage them to find out how to become a partner in education with us.
Become a mentor or participate in our shadow day program.
If anyone asks you about the CCI, encourage them to call and schedule a visit or talk to their guidance counselor for more information.
Contact Us
Mandy Johnson - Director of CCI Programs
Geri Armstrong – Assistant Principal
Julian Carter - CEO

4600 Timber Ridge Drive, Building D Douglasville, GA   30135

"Ensuring a viable
21st century
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