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Architecture and Modern Art Beyond The West

Ashley Sanchez Crystal Rodriguez Rafalh Sanchez ARH1000

Ashley Sanchez

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Architecture and Modern Art Beyond The West

Ashley Sanchez
Crystal Rodriguez
Rafael Sanchez Architecture & Modern Art Beyond the West Welcome to the
of Architecture! Flying Buttresses The Swing. 1940. The Great Zimbabwe Africa Pont du Gard Nimes, France Colonnade and Court of Amenhotep III Luxor, Thebes, Egypt Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey Norte Dame de Chartres Chartes, France Crystal Palace London Trusses & Balloon Frame Wainwright Building. Bauhaus Domino Construction System Seagram Building New York Denver International Airport Kennedy Airport New York Oakland Bay Bridge San Fransisco Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Bilba, Spain Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright mkSolaire Home. 2008. Museum of Science and Industry. Chicago. Sunrise Over the Eastern Sea. 1932. Fujishima Takeji Passing Through. 1956. Saburo Murakami Take Hm in! 1946. Li Hua Amrita Sher-Gil Man.1951. M.F. Husain Mahmoud Mukhtar.1919-1928. Funeral and a Crescent. 1963. Ibrahim Mohammed El-Salahi Street Scence. 1945. Gerard Sekoto Ana Mumo (Land of the Dead).1961. Uche Okele. Waterfall on a lofty cliff
Zhang Daqian Contemporary Arts Center Gish Family Apartments
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