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The Wave

No description

E. C.

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of The Wave

Abigail Weaver- Investigator/Summarizer
Elise Jones- Travel Tracer/Literary Illuminary
Eileen- Connector/Word Finder
Malina Savill- Discussion Director/Illustrator
Our Group:
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Have you heard of the reign of Hitler and the Nazis? Well, this book took that time for a spin on reality. It all begins in Gordon High School, in the state of California, 1969. Lazy and unenthusiastic students cause havoc in a History class, as the teacher struggles for order. Then, after the class watches a gruesome film on the suffering of the Jews in concentration camps, the enigmatic History teacher, Ben Ross, decides to conduct an experiment on his class, intending to create a simulation of Nazi life. This movement was called "The Wave". But when the experiment is taken to far, Laurie Saunders and David Collins try to stop this before anyone else gets hurt. Or will the force of the wave prove to be unstoppable?
About the Author:
Todd Strasser
Born in New York in 1950
Wrote more than 140 books
Used to be a street magician/reporter
Books published includes:
+ Blood On My Hand
+ Wish You Were Dead
+ Kill You Last
Important Objects
Bic Pen
Membership card
Life At That Time
President: Jimmy Carter/Ronald Reagan
Popular Music: Queen/Michael Jackson, David Bowie
Technology: First Flight of US Space Shuttle Columbia
Travel Tracer
Beginning -
Mr. Ross's History class is watching a history video about the Nazis, inspiring Mr. Ross to create The Wave as an experiment to show them how Nazi life was.
The Wave takes over the entire school, involving students even outside of Mr. Ross's History class. Those who resisted The Wave recieved punishment or was shunned by society. Kids got physically and emotionally abused by the members of The Wave.
When Mr. Ross realizes how outrageous and ridiculous The Wave had become, he decides to disband it. Every Wave member was called into the auditorium. Mr. Ross announced that the students would be meeting their leader, but instead displayed to them the same history video about the Nazis he had shown them before The Wave, saying that their leader was Hitler.
Realizing this, the students shamefully quit
and headed out of the auditorium.
Literary Luminary




Page 71 / Paragraph 1: The Wave's Effects
Page 91 / Paragraph 1: Feeling the Wave
Page 96 / Paragraph 6: The Wave, Changing People
Page 114 / Paragraph 5: Stopping the Wave
Page 139 / Paragraph 7: Ending the Wave
Location: General Theme
Page # Paragraph:
Pg. 12 / Para. 2
Pg 67 / Para. 6
Pg. 47 / Para, 4
Pg. 48 / Para. 7
Pg. 50 / Para. 5
Pg. 49 / Para. 5
Pg. 52 / Para. 7
Pg. 140 / Para. 1
Pg. 55 / Para. 5
Pg. 117 / Para 1
Word Wizard
without interest or determination
a written declaration or expression
ready or available, expected
to torment and disappoint
a unit of ground forces
rising again, to new life
having high self-opinion of one's abilities
a form of government lead by a dictator
relating to the military or war
unwavering, lacking in variety, dull
The students were simply lackadaisical as they carelessly entered the classroom
The preacher wrote a testimonial about his religion.
Only I was left in line, so my turn was forthcoming.
My friend tantalized me by showing off all the clothes in her bags, although she knew I hadn't been allowed to go shopping.
In the book: In the beginning of the story, the class is very messy and loud.
In the book: Between many of the characters, there is rivalry and competition.
In the book: Some students experience peer pressure to follow what everyone else is doing instead of what they really want.
In the book: The students of the History class watch a video about the torturing of the Jews in Nazi concentration camps.
In the book: Gordon High School, the main setting of the story, has a football team and Newspaper committee.
In the book: All the characters are unique and have their own personalities, talents, and attributes.
In real life: Most classes are usually very loud before class and before dismissal.
In real life: There is competition between students and siblings at school and at home.
In real life: Some students may be forced to participate in activities they don't want to do because of their friends or parents.
In real life: The Jews that lived in Europe were really tortured in concentration camps and weren't treated as equals among the Nazis.
In real life: Most high schools in America have multiple sports teams and clubs such as: soccer, track, yearbook, etc.
In real life: In reality, everyone is still different and possess good qualities.
The Wave Movie Poster
What is the Wave?
Who are the main characters of this book?
What is the setting of this book? Where does it take place?
How were the Wave victims treated?
Was the Wave just a fad?
Why was Laurie and David against the Wave?
What made David push Laurie?
What was changed when Laurie went against the Wave?
What did Mr. Ross have to do to end the Wave?
How did everybody feel about the Wave ending?
Discussion Director
Works Cited
For Movie info:
For General info:
For Author info:
Thanks so much!!! >_<
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