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Erica Stevens

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Nurse

Education necessary for the job
The lowest degree you can have in nursing is your associates degree. You have to be an associate in science which takes about 2-3 years to complete. This level of education is offered by colleges or nursing schools. With this you can work in hospitals or provide training in nursing fundamentals.
Work hours
On extended work hours nurses work about 8 hours a day, and about 35 to 40 hours a week. Although the work hours can change and may be increased majorly, or you could have less hours in the week.
History of Career
Most people assume that ever since nursing began that it was always the women who pursued the career. That's not true. In India 250 B.C. The first nursing school was built and only men had the opportunity to go. In the 1900's nursing education was received from hospitals and colleges. The new students were responsible for cleaning.
Physical/Emotional Stress
Am I suited for this career?
Bachelor's Degree in Science
This level of education takes 4 years to complete. When you have reached your bachelor's, then you have just extended your knowledge in nursing. This prepares nurses for clinical research or training positions.
Masters of Science in nursing
This level of education prepares nurses to become nurse administrators, nurse educators, and family nurse practitioners. This takes about 18-24 months to complete.
Nurses give medical attention to others who are sick or who have medical problems.
Stress is one of the many factors of being a nurse such as emotional stress. They often witness the pain and suffering of others. It is very fast paced and they have several things to do at once. They are regularly involved in life and death situations. Things like this can make the nurse feel depressed. For example the nurse not being able to fix the situation
Best suited Personality for the job
There are several personalities you can have as a nurse. Number 1 is a sense of humor because it can keep things light and easy when a person is going through a tough time. Number 2 is professionalism because it helps with good work ethics. Number 3 is diligence because some nurses work so many hours a day and have the insanity to do it again the next day! Another one is compassion. If the patient tells a sad story or has a serious illness, the nurse maybe hasn't been through that situation, but they seem to know what to say and do to make you feel better. The personality type I would choose is compassion because things can get tense if they are dealing with a certain situation. The patient needs that comfort feeling and sincerity.
Skills required for the job
Nurses need to have several skills for their job. They need good people skills. Some nurses provide for people of all ages and backgrounds. You should be able to comfort them and gain their confidence. Nurses should also have good communication/ observation skills. The nurse dealing with patient needs to be able listen to what the patient is saying and be alert enough to notice the changes in the patient's conditions. Another thing, nurses should be able to answer questions, offer advice, be happy to work with their team, and be capable enough to deal with emotional situations.
summer jobs
There are several places you can work to be helpful in becoming a nurse. Such as clinical institutes, nursing camps, or even a hospital. These are perfect opportunities for nursing students who are looking for a starting job. Although some nurses who get these summer jobs, only stay to work for that temporary amount of time.
Working Conditions
Nurses have their hard times, especially in hospitals nursing, facilities, and clinics. Things can get pretty hectic. All three institutes deal with infectious diseases.
By: Erica Stevens
Nurses who work directly for employers receive a variety of benefits, and some employers allow nurses to work on a contractual basis and receive higher wages rather than being an employee of the organization. Pay scale reported 84 percent of nurses receive health benefits such as medical, dental and vision care.

I do believe I am suited for this career because I like to help people out when they are in need. I took a quiz on what jobs that would best be suited for me. The top one job was a nurse. Another reason I think I' m suited for this career is because I have been told that I am a very caring and compassionate person. That is one of the personalities wanted for this career.
No high school diploma [2yrs]
High school diploma [4 yrs]
nursing school/ college [4 yrs] for my masters and going to college
Working at a medical institute part time
Reach all the way up to my masters degree
My Career Ladder
Associates Degree
in Science;
Cited Pages
Finish middle school [now]
Work full time at a medical institute
Emotional stress
Physical stress
Nurses also deal with physical stress as well. If a nurse has been involved in a tragic situation then the nurse could possibly suffer from sleeping problems.
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