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No description

Shae Obrien

on 11 March 2015

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Jace is involved in the conflict for two main reasons witch are :

1: Clary , and how did she get the sight?

2: To get the mortal cup back
Simon :
Simon is involved in the plot because he is Clary's best friend and he sort of helps her throughout the book
Main character in plot :
Clary Fray
Clary first got involved with the shadow hunters when she finds out that she has "the sight" and her mom is kidnapped by Valentine. This book is about how Valentine is back , looking for the mortal cup and how far Clary and Jace will go to get back her mom and the mortal cup...
Other main characters related to plot:
important setting in the book :
Jace Wayland
by Shae O'Brien
City of Bones
The institute
The institute is one of the main scenes in this book where most of it takes place.This picture is of what the institute looks like without glamour (glamour is used to hide the shadow hunter world from the human world). The institute and the book are set in New York City. This place is important because it gives shadow hunters a place to live eat and be healed if needed , it is all so important because it's holy ground where demons can not enter.
This is one of the ruins that the shadow hunters use . Ruins come in all shapes , sizes and power.They can be used for many reasons such as healing , protecting , invisibility , visibility , strength... and such.
symbol important to book:
Her hair was fire
The reson I chose this metaphor is because the main character in the book has bright orange - red colored hair that reminds me of fire
Dear diary,
I think that I am finally going crazy.I'm seeing things like a boy killing ...something.I was so sure it was real though.The thought of my mom being gone is so INCREDULOUS that I can't even and I've totally FORSAKEN the thought of her being hurt.
character journal :
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