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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

No description

Adam Schmitz

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Hazordous Did not care about safety or well-fare Low pay Conditions Workers Young Women-until they got married Children Men The doors were locked so nobody could get out What were the working conditions in the Northern Factories? Who was working there? March 25, 1911 New York City Here are the 15 most dangerous jobs in america in Present day:
No. 15: Grounds maintenance workers
No. 14: Helpers, construction trades
No. 13: Firefighters
No. 12: Construction laborers
No. 11: Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
No. 10: Roofers
No. 9: Police and sheriff's patrol officers
No. 8: Refuse and recyclable material collectors
No. 7: Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
No. 6: Electrical power-line installers and repairers
No. 5: Farmers and ranchers
No. 4: Structural iron and steel workers
No. 3: Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
No. 2: Logging workers
No. 1: Fishers and related fishing workers

The most dangerous job back then was mining Cause: an unextinguished match or cigarette butt
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