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Similarities and differences between 1920s and today

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Cristiana Formenti

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Similarities and differences between 1920s and today

Roles of women in the society
-Since 1920s the right of vote was given to all the women.
-Today every lady can express her political preference by voting.
-Women were not included in politic as today. Think about Hillary Clinton or Ivanka Trump, two different great ladies that, even if their ideas are different , they are both simbol of the female independence.
Alcohol usage and legality
- As in 1920s, today alcohol is often seen as the resolution to all the problems, a way to leave the ordinary and to relax from stressful situation
-As the 16 January 1920's prohibition, the Country is making laws against alcohol abuse.
-Now people with alcohol problem can be helped by professionist or attending group therapy, a useful course that helps people to not depend from alcohol
Music and movies
-In both the situation, music and movies were methods of an effective propaganda and effective ways to explain the idea of an author. In fact authors are taking place in political arguments.
- In movies now ideas can be impersonified in super heroes. Let's think about Hulk, he is one of the sweetest heroes, he likes to help people and not to scare them.
Similarities and differences between 1920s and today
Immigrants to the United States
-America has known a significant immigration. In the 1920s people arrived in America from Europe to escape from the World War I, now people are looking for a better life.
-Once immigrants were treated with less humanity than now. They were considered things and not humans
-Now those people are helped in integration. (I don't know how is gonna be with Trump because I'm not well informed about his ideas)
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