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My Springbreak!!!

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of My Springbreak!!!

Water Park
If you have ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge or ever heard about it you will probably know that they are known for their water park. One day I was just swimming, then out of nowhere I see Devin. A great experience that I will never forget is when me and my dad were on a scary ride called the howiling Tornado and then my dad flipped put of the tube.
Ice Cream shop
Great Wolf Lodge
The Arcade
At the Great Wolf lodge I got to go to this amazing arcade, there we got to play a lot of cool games and I won a lot of very cool prizes.
When the day was almost over me my dad and my mom ate dinner. The best part about dinner was that is was an all you can eat buffet and the food was amazing[ especially the rice crispy treats and macaroni].
Magi quest
One of the main attractions that the great wolf lodge offers is magi quest it is where
Explore the lodge and take part in the adventure of a lifetime! MagiQuest turns Great Wolf Lodge into your own personal playground. You’ll choose a special magic wand, top it with extra powers, and set off on a quest. Immerse yourself in Vellara, a realm of enchantment, as you befriend the Treetop Pixies, battle Charlock, the evil dragon and fight to defeat the Goblin King.
Trip to Houston
The aquarium
when me and my family were in Houston we went to this amazing aquarium where we got to see amazing animals pet and feed stingrays and eat at an amazing restaurant while looking at the animals in the biggest tank in the USA
So the whole purpose we had to go down to Houston was to get my sister a new german passport. It was very boring because i just had to sit there but then this police officer came up to me and gave my german candies, flag, and coloring book.
My Spring break!!!
At the Ice cream shop I got a thing of dippin dots and so did my sister we both got chocolate. My dad got a caramel dipped apple with sprinkles on it and he said it tasted disgusting and it was too hard to bite into. So my dad put his caramel apple into the microwave and it did not make it any better. But at least me and my sisters dippin dots were delicious.
Going to Buckeyes
On the way to Houston me and my family got to go to Buckees. Buckees is a place where you can stop and get food and souviners
The long drive
So as some of you might know that HOuston is a long drivse but take the long drive plus my very irritating little sister and the result is not pretty but it was fun to see sam houstons memorial
Egg hunt
So on eastser we had an egg hunt and i found 33 eggs and they were all filled with candy!!
Visit from the easter bunny
so the "easter bunny"
came to our house and we got so many candies
Eating candy
So now that you know that i got lots of candy you are probably thinking did i eat any of it and the anwser is yes a lot of it.
Easter Dinner
So we ended up not having a very traditional mealbut me an my sister got burgers while my mom and dad ate steak
so me and my team went to Nca and had an amazing time read next slide for more information
Nca awards
so me and my team came out on the mat they finished level one they started level two and they annoud and the winner of nca is CHEER ATHLETICS BLUEKATS!! we were so happy that we won
Thank you for watching

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