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Ingvar Kamprad : The Story of an Entrepreneur

No description

Laura WAN

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Ingvar Kamprad : The Story of an Entrepreneur

He started his business
from nothing Guess who ? Results He was already developing his sense of business A Success Story Ingenious ideas that
made IKEA'sucess The story of a
entrepreneur A self-made man estimated fortune... $$ 39 billions Hard-working at school Cash reward How did he
spend his money? The Path to SUCCESS by Laura WAN He learned how to make a profit Selling matchboxes door to door He founded IKEA In 1943 at the age of 17 years old Allow customers to be sure of the quality before buying One of the richest men in the world Kamprad Elmatryd Agunnaryd Ingvar 1953 The first
IKEA show room 5 years old The very At 17 years old Working with local
manufacturers But not the IKEA
we know today Mail order company Selling Jewelry,
Wallets, Watches Using the milk vans to do delivery Introduced the first catalog to reach a wider market He kept
furniture only Beginning IKEA is its own designer and supplier Ingvar made sure to have the very best designers Vertical integration Keeping prices low has
been a secret to IKEA’s success. The price war Cutting the costs down was threatening the quality of the products His first mailing order company He started to sell furniture as well 1 2 3 2011 Sales grew by 6.9% to €24.7 billion in FY11 Net profit increased by 10.3% to €2.97 billion
thanks to increasing sales and improvements
in the cost structure. IKEA lowered prices to customers by 2.6% while Furniture that can be dismantled and re-assembled... Immediate availability of the product for customers Increase store inventory
capacity Save shipping costs Avoid Transport damages A few years later.. Rough
competition Working with
local carpenters Then, But His best idea Flat
Packaging Consumers are in charge of assembling furniture Thank you for your attention!
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