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Creating a Prezi Presentation of Your Research Topic ARTS 1303

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Matt Backer

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of Creating a Prezi Presentation of Your Research Topic ARTS 1303

Creating a Prezi Presentation of Your Research Topic
ARTS 1303
Professor Backer
For this assignment, you will develop a Prezi for online presentation to the rest of the class. This will provide the class with an opportunity to learn about other research topics and to encounter new ways of approaching your own topics.
Your Prezi should include:
1. Title
2. Image
3. Thesis
4. Audience
5. Theme
6. Historical context
7. One citation of a source
8. At least two questions

Here is a sample title:
Haniwa Warrior:
Spiritual Protector
Your thesis should explain how your artwork, your theme, and the historical context are related. Here is a sample thesis:
Haniwa sculptures are similar to today's gravestones, but they are different because they play a specific role in the historical Japanese idea of the afterlife, which was clearer and more elaborate than most people's ideas about the afterlife today.
You may want to wait and work on your thesis last, after you have done the other parts of the assignment, which will help you develop ideas for your thesis.

You will be working on the same topic for the Annotated Bibliography, the Research Paper, and the In-Class Presentation, but you can change your thesis as many times as you want.

Note that I include a comparison in the thesis. Comparisons can help you to make a unique argument, something different from what you'll read about in the sources on your subject.
The audience slide should explain how you are going to make your topic interesting to the audience. Describe why your audience will be interested in at least two sentences.
Part of what makes my topic interesting is the theme of death, which anyone can relate to.
The topic will also be interesting, because there is a great variety in the types of haniwa sculptures that the ancient Japanese made. I will discuss why the Japanese chose to make sculptures of some subjects, but not others.
Be sure to follow MLA guidelines and use
Citation of Source
Pearson, Richard. “Ceramic Treasures of Japan.”
, vol. 43, no. 6, 1990, pp. 62–65.
, www.jstor.org/stable/41765890.
Include two questions for the class. This is your opportunity for feedback, so ask specific questions, which will lead to more useful responses. Do not ask quiz questions about information in your presentation.
If you're not sure about an aspect of your topic, or if you're considering bringing in another comparison, this is a good place to get feedback.
1. Why do you think that artists made some haniwa that are abstract and do not depict a person or other recognizable subject?

2. The haniwa are also similar to Greek kouros sculptures in some ways. How do you think the haniwa and kouros sculptures are similar? Different?
Those are the requirements for the presentation. To make your own, you'll need to create an account with Prezi. Don't worry, they don't send spam, and you can opt-out of emails.
Be sure to create a FREE account.
I made this Prezi with Prezi Classic. You can use Prezi Classic or Prezi Next. Prezi offers tutorials that covers the basics for both versions - here are the essentials for Prezi Classic:
Click anywhere to start typing.
The blue plus sign (upper left) will let you add a new frame. You can select rectangles and bracket frames you see in this presentation in the menu below the plus sign.
INSERT to find a picture (top center). Insert is also for things like shapes, arrows, and other symbols.
CUSTOMIZE (top center) allows you to change the appearance of the presentation (
The thumbnails on the left show you what order the frames will show up for the audience.
Click on the SHARE button (the square with the arrow pointing to the right, in the upper right) to get the link. Copy the link and paste that into our Prezi discussion at D2L

Your Topic
Research Ideas
Other Topic
Other Topic
In this presentation, you will learn the requirements for your Prezi presentation.
I'll also include a model presentation to give you an idea of what your presentation could look like. I encourage you to experiment and turn in something that looks very different from mine. Just be sure to fulfill the requirements.
Theme: Death
The theme of death has preoccupied cultures all across the world and throughout time. In my paper, I plan to make comparisons between how we view death today and what we can tell about ancient Japanese beliefs about death, based on haniwa sculptures.
In your slide about the theme, think about the connections that you can make between your chosen artwork and other cultures, especially contemporary culture. Your theme will probably help your audience relate to your topic, but discuss different ideas in your theme and audience slides. Your description of your theme should be at least two sentences.
Historical Context
In the historical context slide, you should describe at least one aspect of the historical context that you plan to research further. Possible topics of historical context include:
the religious meaning
the political significance
how it was used
where it originally appeared
who would have seen and/or used it
what cultures influenced the design
who paid for it and why
Haniwa sculptures were placed above the burial mounds of Japanese people in the Kofun Period, in contrast to other grave goods that were buried with the deceased. The number of haniwa decorating the top of a person's tomb depended on their status and wealth. For instance, "Archaeologists estimate that some 20,000 haniwa were placed around a keyhole tomb thought to belong to the fifth-century Emperor Nintoku..." (Pearson 65).
The information in your Historical Context slide should be based on your source, so be sure to cite the information in MLA style, like you can see I have done here. You can use a quote, but a quote is not required. The Historical Context slide should be at least two sentences long.
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