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Marie Curie

No description

Caroline Maxwell

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Born: 7th November 1867 in Poland
Died: 4th July 1934 at the age of 66
Cause of Death: At the time, scientists were not aware of the fact that chemicals were going in their bodies as they viewed and studied substances. Now, since so many people died because of studying radioactive substances, scientists tried to find the reason of so many deaths and finally figured out the reason.
About her life: Marie Curie had taken interest in radioactivity at a young age. When she was young, she became a student in Sorbonne and was very serious in school work. Unfortunately, at the time, Warsaw, the place that Marie Curie was born in was overtaken by the Russian emperor. She was married to Pierre Curie on July 26th 1895. She got a daughter on September 12th, 1897 and this girl was named Irene. Many things were discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie. Then, on December 6th, 1904, Eve Curie was born. Sadly, Pierre Curie in accident and Marie becomes a widow Marie Curie became the first woman professor in Sorbonne and, Marie Curie invented the Radium Institute for the convenience of people suffering due to World War 1. Then Marie Curie visited the States to get a donated item that in amount was 1 gram, but costed 100,000 dollars. Then, Marie Curie died due to aplastic anemia.

Marie Curie



Marie Curie with her daughters, Eve and Irene
Marie Curie with her husband, Pierre Curie
Marie Curie with all her siblings
Marie Curie as a child
Awards, discoveries, and events
Marie Curie introduced the term radioactivity in a published article
Pierre and Marie Curie announced a discovery of polonium
Pierre Curie, Marie Curie and another scientist announced the discovery of radium
The Curies and Henri Becquerel won and shared the Nobel Prize
Pierre Curie died leaving Irene, Eve and Marie alone
Marie Curie became the first woman professor in Sorbonne
Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize and was the first person to get two Nobel Prizes
After World War one started the Radium Institute was completed
Marie Curie introduced a radon therapy to France
Marie went to the US to get a donation
Irene announced her discovery of artificial radioactivity
Marie Curie dies
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