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The Northeast Region of the United States

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Gina Pustizzi

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Northeast Region of the United States

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania The Northeast Region of the US Capital- Hartford
Major Cities- Bridgeport
Population- 3,405, 565 (48th state)
Industries-agriculture, industry (especially insurance), tourism
Rivers- Connecticut River, Thames River
Lakes- Lake Candlewood
Became a state- January 9th 1788
Governor- Dan Malloy Connecticut Capital- Montpelier
Major Cities-Burlington
Population- 608, 827 (49th state)
Industries- maple syrup, farming, tourism, forest products
Rivers- Connecticut River, West River, and Otter River
Lakes- Lake Champlain
Became a state- March 4, 1791]
Governor- Peter Shumlin Vermont Capitol-Dover
Major Cities-Wilmington, Newark, Georgetown
Major Rivers- Delaware River, Mispillion River, Nanticoke River
Major Industries - business, agriculture and tourism
Date came to the United States-December 7, 1787
Governor-Jack Markell Delaware Population- 5,296,486
Major City- Baltimore
Governer- Martin O’Malley
Rivers/Lakes- Lake Oakland, Deep Creek Lake, Prettyboy Reservoir, Loch Raven Reservoir, Potomac River, Patapsco River, Patuxent River, Susquehanna River
Landmarks- Backbone Mountain
Year part of Union- April 28, 1788
Major Industry- Farming, Mining, Government Services Maryland New York Population- 12,281,054
Major City-Philadelphia
Governer- Tom Corbett
Rivers/Lakes- Lake Erie, Allegheny River, Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Ohio river
Landmarks- Mt. Davis
Year part of Union- December 12, 1787
Major Industry- Steel/Mining, cars, farming
Pennsylvania By:
Gina Pustizzi
Annie Stankiewicz
Shannon Papalia
Parker Felth Capitol-Concord
Major cities-Manchester, Nashua
Population-1.3 million people
Major Rivers-Connecticut River, Merrimack River
Resources-Timber, Textiles, Major Industry: Tourism, engineering, service industries
Landscape-White Mountains, Many mountains and rivers
Governor-John Lynch
Date came to the United States-June 21, 1788 New Hampshire Capital- Boston
Major Cities- Worcester, Lowell
Population- 6,349, 097 (13th state)
Industries-textiles, electronics, publishing, education, tourism, fishing
Rivers- Merrimack River, Connecticut River, Charles River
Lake- Quabin Reservoir
Became a state- February 6th, 1788
Governor- Deval Patrick Massachusetts Population- 1,328,188
Capitol- Augusta
Governor- Paul LePage
Rivers – Kennebec River, Penobscot River, State John River, Moosehead Lake
Landmarks-Mt. Katahdin
Day State made part of U.S.- March 15, 1820
Major Industry- Fishing
Maine Rhode Island New Jersey Capitol-Albany
Major Cities-New York City, Buffalo, Binghampton
Population-8 million
Major Rivers-Hudson River, Mohawk River, Genesee River
Landmarks-Mountain Marcy, Cities and farmland
Resources-finance, communications, international trade, publishing, fashion, farming, tourism
Date came to the United States-July 26, 1788
Governor-Andrew Cuomo Capitol-Trenton
Major Cities-Patterson, Elizabeth, Newark
Population-7 million
Major Rivers-Delaware River, Hudson River
Landmarks-Appalachian Mountains run through the top part of New Jersey
Major Resources-Farming, chemicals, petroleum-based products, insurance, tourism
Date came to the United States-December 18, 1787
Governor-Christopher J. Christie Capitol-Providence
Major Cities-Cranston, West Kingston
Major Rivers/Lakes-Sakonnet River, Scituate Reservoir
Major Industries - textiles, jewelry, rubber products, machinery, tourism
Date came to the United States-May 29, 1790
Governor-Lincoln Chaffee
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