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Educational Problems and Solutions in Egypt

No description

arwa sharey

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Educational Problems and Solutions in Egypt

Education System
Educational Problems

Two causes
Poor Teaching Quality
Educational Problems and Solutions in Egypt
Education System
Poor Teaching Quality
Method of teaching
Rote Learning
Employment of unqualified teachers
Qualified teachers but with low salaries
Private Tutoring

Yasmine Osama


Many solutions have been suggested and some were applied
Curriculum has been reformed in order to change the whole rote learning based system to a critical thinking based one and thus proceed with time instead of being outdated.

Solution 1:
It did not work as there were not enough investments and facilities in schools that would help in applying this new solution successfully
Solution 2:
The government has imposed fines for teachers giving private lessons, as it is rapidly spreading through time, and for administrations employing unqualified teachers.
Teachers economic problems lead them to abandon their principles concerning the real meaning and message of teaching.
So, obviously this solution also did not work as government should have solved the main causes leading to such problem, in addition; it is not going to be able to control and force all teachers giving private lessons
The Best Solution composed of:
Integrating Technology
Integrating science fairs and thinking activities
Remodeling school's internal structures and environment
Employment validity test
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Thank You !
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