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Romeo and juiliet

No description

matthew mcburney

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and juiliet

for example when mercutio is fighting tybalt romeo tries to get involved to stop the fight when tybalt stabbs mercutio under romeos arm. this is a person v.s person conflict.
An example on man v.s society is when romeo and juliet face adversity from their families about the love that they feel for eachother. society tells them that they should hate one another, but their hearts tell them that they are meant to be together.
for example when Romeo does not receive the important letter from friar john because he was suspected to have been in contact with the plague. An illness was not something you could conrol back in that era making in man v.s nature.
How does the types of conflicts in romeo and juiliet destroy the two star crossed lovers.
Romeo and juiliet
Types of conflict found in romeo and juliet
person v.s person
person v.s self
person v.s society
person v.s nature


-seminar question
-types of conflict
-examples of conflicts
-quotes about the conflicts
-disscussion questions
Person v.s person is where a character is having a direct conflict with another character
"this black days fate on more day doth depend/ this but begins the woe others woe others must end"
Man v.s nature is where characters are struggling with something in nature or in the world that is not caused by human beings.
" Unhappy fortune, by my brotherhood the letter was not nice, but full of charge of dear import, and the neglecting it may do much danger."
Man v.s society is when characters are fighting against society or a group in which they live in. the conflict is usually with ideas and morals that do not match the other groups ideas or morals.
"forget thy father and refuse thy name."
man v.s himself is where a character is having a problem that is causing them to have internal anguish.
For example Romeo struggles with being banished and thretens to kill himself because he would not be able to be with juliet.
"there is no world without verona walls, but purgatory, torture, hell itself. hence banished is banishd from the world and worlds exile is death, then "banished" is death mis-ternd, calling death "banished"; though cutst my head off with a golden axe and smilest upon the stroke that murders me."

Disscussion question
What is the significance of this quote in the play.
"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!, it seems she hangs up the cheek of night, like a rich jewel in an ethiopes ear;/ beuty too rich for use, for earth to dear!/ so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows/ as yonder lady a "er fellow shows. the measure done, ill watch her place of stand!

Disscusion question
Why do you think that shakespear ended mercutios life so early in the play.
Disscusion question
Do the tragic events in romeo and juliet, as of human life, often result from mistakes, negligance, unfreseen or uncontrolable events?
Disscusion question
Do you think that romeo truly loved juliet at first sight or was it just because of her looks, just like friar lawrence compared teenaged love to the person picking the flowers.

The conflict in romeo and juliet ends up destroying the two star crossed lovers because of the ongoing conflict between their families the montague and the capulets. If their familys conflicts with one another were resolved sooner, mercutio wouldnt have been killed by tybalt, tybalt by romeo, paris by romeo and julliet and him would have been able to live their lives in peace after they were married. but since the conflict didnt end it drove them to commiting suicide because they couldnt picture a world without eachother in it.
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