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Make it Yours


Kin Yu Lam

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Make it Yours

BUSI1004K Presentation McDonald's Customized Burger Situation Analysis Company & Product review Largest international chain of fast food restaurant
Successful marketing strategy
World wide recognition
Attractive food
Good service with reasonable value.
Lack of healthier products Major target segments:

Young family with children
McDonalds offers them a happy family time

Urban customers who are on the move
offers great taste, quick service and does not affect working schedule

have fun with their friends together, while keeping the expense at an affordable level Market/Customer Analysis Opportunities:
Product Innovation
A Green image
Focus on corporate social responsibility
Growth of franchisee operated restaurants

Intense competition
Consumers’ increasing sense of health

Evaluations on Opportunities and Threats Introduction A brand new experience at McDonald's
Customization of burgers McDonald's MOS Burger Subway
Price $$ $$$$ $$$$$

No. of Branches 221 15 18

Customization No No Yes
of Burger
(Currently) Recommendations on
Marketing Strategy Target Markets Differentiation and Positioning Competitors Analysis Marketing Objectives Provide a new service to customers
Customize the own burgers by themselves
Expand current market
Increase revenue by 20%
Gain repetition by responding customers' need Product Differentiation
self-made by the customers and they can design it their own way

Image Differentiation
packaging will include the slogan for the product Make it Yours
A trial period for customers to experience and promote this new service Product Strategy Product Objective: Introduce the service of customizing burgers to expand McDonald’s current market.
Same quality
Product line stretching
Branding: Make it Yours Pricing Strategy Value-based pricing is preferred
Profitability retains existing customers
Promotional pricing Distribution Strategy People who enjoy lifestyle and have the desire to design their unique burgers
Customizing a burger is a brand new experience for most of the customers Channel objective

Provide teenagers and families with instant and fresh customised burgers.

Channel Strategy

Supplied in all McDonald’s branches excluding the Ocean Park branch and racecourses branches.
The fresh ingredients of the burgers are delivered to branches, burgers are made by McDonald’s staff
Delivered via McDelivery. Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy - Teenager Major Target group

Teenagers spend 31 hours a week online,
12 hours on social networking sites
A great channel to approach teenagers Conclusion Attract a new group of customers who are willing to try new products and pay more to enjoy lifestyle
Provide more variety of ingredients
More for more Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy - Facebook Game Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy MTR commercials

TV advertisements
cover family groups Video - Make it Yours Price of Products Bread Types Sesame Seed Bun
Soft Cornmeal Bun
$10 + Sauce Mustard
Tomato Ketchup
BBQ Sacse
Honey Mustard Vegetables Tomato Slices
Cucumber Slices
Red Onions
Jalapeno $2 +

Meat Sausage Steak
Spicy Crispy Chicken
Smoked Bacon
Grilled Chicken Breast
Hoki Fish
Hamburger Steak
Ham $5 +

Smoked Salmon
Turkey Breast
Meat Ball $7 CHAN Pui Fan, Angel
CHEUNG Tsz Tung, Palo
CHUNG Ching Hin, Felix
FUNG Sheung Chi, Simon LAM Kin Yu, Ivo
LEUNG Chun Yu, Nathan
TUNG Wai Yin, Raymond
WAN Tsz Yau, Martin Presented by Value Meal + $8 Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy - Television Advertisement Integrated Marketing Communications
Strategy - iPhone/Android Game
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