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Arbys Sexist Advertisement

No description

Jack Sitak

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Arbys Sexist Advertisement

In 2009, Arby's restaurant released an advertisement in
the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue released at the time, depicting women's breasts as hamburgers. Two hands, each crossing each other, are covering up the product.
At the bottom, Arby's says they are about to reveal something their customers will drool over, but will have to wait until the new menu items are released.
Observations of the ad
Purpose of the ad
Messages of the ad
The Opposite Ad
Differences between the Ads
Target Audience
This product is advertised to men in general, who are interested in women and their body parts. Because the pair of hands is hiding the hamburgers, men would be interested in finding out whats on the other side of the hands. They would think that the enjoyment of eating this product would be equal to the enjoyment of women's sexual body parts.

* According to the website Mega Media Marketing, Sports Illustrated has on average 20,000 adults reading the magazine with over 16,000 of them men. This furthermore proves how the ad is placed in the magazine for men to see.
In this advertisement, there are a pair of hands crossed in the centre, each covering up the product. It is designed to re-create the way that women hide their breasts. This is the brightest part of the ad, and as a result, the product stands out more.
At the bottom, there is a red text box saying they're "about to reveal something you'll drool over." This text is larger than the one underneath it as it does more to catch the eyes of the viewer.
Around the hands, there is light brown shading, as if the product was under a spotlight. The hands and hamburger are generally in the same spot, but the arms are darker as if there is only a spotlight on the clearly colourful hamburger.
For this advertisement, we created a different ad that is not sexist at all. Rather than having a pair of hands hide the product like a women covering up her breasts, we photo shopped the Arbys logo into it.
Both ads still have the same purpose: hiding the product until it is released. The original ad has hands hiding the product, while ours had the actual Arbys logo.
In addition, the text is different. Instead of having "something you'll drool over," we substituted the words "something you'll enjoy." This is less offensive because drooling refers to something that is being craved.
Use of advertising strategies
The purpose of this advertisement is to promote the product so that it will be bought.
The product, Arbys new "Roastburger" is being advertised to a target audience that associates hunger and the feeling of wanting something. In this case, the ad could make someone hungry, but also making them want to eat the product because of the way it is advertised. Because both hands are covering the product like a woman would covering her body, it is possible that the target audience would want the product, just as they would with a woman's body.
These emotions associated with the ad can make a viewer want the product because the restaurant combined a viewers want for the product along with sex appeal in the advertisement.
This advertisement expresses a message that women's bodies are compared to fast-food products.
This ad reinforces stereotypes about women. It implies that a woman's body is meant to be enjoyed like the Arby's hamburger would for consumption.
In addition, it portrays women and their bodies as objects. As objects, they are meant to feel insignificant.
In the text, the product that is being revealed will make someone drool. This implies that the product is mouthwatering, and associates the feeling of want with not only the hamburger, but a woman's body parts as well.
This advertisement uses a variety of advertising strategies including...
Weasel Words
Gender Appeal
Weasel Words
This advertisement uses the words "drool," "mouthwatering" and "exciting" to lure the viewer into buying their product. These words are associated with the feeling of wanting or craving something.
The hamburgers in this ad look slightly bigger than what they usually would and as a result, makes the buyer think that they will get more of the product.
Gender Appeal
This ad is promoted mainly to men because of the way the product is covered up like a woman would hide her own body parts. Men would want the product because, as the restaurant advertised it, would be the same as a woman's breasts.
Since the original ad is sexist, we created an Arbys advertisement that is appropriate.
This Arbys advertisement shows two arms crossed in the middle with the hands covering up the product. It is designed to re-create the way that women cover their breasts with their hands.
It is extremely clear that this advertisement is sexist and reinforces stereotypes about gender identity and women's body parts. This ad expresses women as objects and are meant for male consumption.
In addition, the text at the bottom says the product is "mouthwatering" and can be "drooled over," furthermore comparing the Arbys product to women's body parts.
By Jack and Aidan
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