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Solutions to the Growling Problem of Hunger

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Hannah Winters

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Solutions to the Growling Problem of Hunger

By: Hannah Winters The Growling Problem of Hunger Solution #1: Awareness of the Problem Solution #3: Education to those in Poverty and who are Hungry Understanding the Problem of Hunger People are not aware of the problem of hunger here in our community. When someone hears the word 'hunger', they associate the word 'Africa" with it, which is the problem because no one knows hunger exists here!! Solution #2: Giving/Donations There are three systems currently running in our community that serve hungry people and students:
the Boomerang Backpack program
the local Food Pantry
different local churches that give a certain amount of money towards food for families in need Secretary of Vineyard Community Church says, "The root of the problem(hunger) is lack of education that a parent is to teach. Chains of poverty, chains of hunger, can't be broken without education." Causes to Hunger:
natural disasters
lack of education
war What is Hunger??
Hunger is “a chronic condition in which people are forced to go for days without a full meal.” Did you know that every year at least 9 million people die of hunger, 5 million being children?? Hunger is a Global Problem Hunger is affecting every country in the world educationally, mentally, physically, and socially. Hunger is a Problem in America 16 million children in America are hungry... Hunger is a Problem here, in our Community 52% of Kids in the Wawasee School District are on free and reduced lunch. At least 365 calls a year are made in regards to money needs to the Vineyard Community Church There are specific areas in our community where hunger is more of an issue. Awareness could solve the problem of hunger because... When people become aware of something they are faced with a choice on whether to act or not. The problem is, is that people don't understand the hunger present here. If people understood hunger, they would have to choose if they would be apart of the fight to end it. Awareness would be a solution if the people chose to take action. Steps Using Awareness to solve Hunger:
1.) Having the people who are aware of the problem of hunger and see it daily, step up in a way where they become educators to other people about the problem of hunger
2.) Having the newly educated/aware people choose to give to those who are hungry Giving could solve the problem of hunger because... If those who had plenty gave to different organizations and to different funds that go towards those hungry, those programs would be able to serve more hungry people and they would be able to grow as a program. Giving money would increase the ability for 'hunger-fighting' programs to reach more people in need. Steps Using Donations to solve Hunger:
1.) Having people give donations to either the Boomerang Backpack program, the local Food Pantry, or to different churches that support hungry people.
2.) Having those organizations/programs enlarge their services ministering to the hungry using the donations. Education could solve the problem of hunger because... Most people in our community who are in poverty do not know skills such as cooking, financial managing, and different skills that help save money and keep you healthy. Poor people in our community end up spending more money on box foods than they would on ingredients to make their own food. The problem is, is that they don't know how to cook, so they have to get box foods. If education was present on things like cooking, the presence of hunger would decline. Steps using Education to solve Hunger: 1.) Building an organization that offers some sort of education classes on skills like cooking and financial managing for those in poverty in our area.
2.) Offering the classes to the public
3.) Encouraging the people to attend the classes Applying These Solutions to Your Life Hunger is a problem that marks a life forever. Hunger is present everywhere, throughout the world causing oppression to reign. Hunger is present in America, 16 million American children are hungry. Hunger is alive and growing in our community. Hunger is a global issue, American issue, and even an issue in our community. Here are three ways to stop the growling problem of hunger in our community:
Bringing to light the problem of hunger, bringing awareness
Having open hearts to give to the programs set up to stop hunger, giving to those in need
Educating those in poverty on practical skills such as cooking and financial managing, that could break the chains of hunger and the cycle of poverty CALL TO ACTION!!!! As students in high school, I know it seems like we are unable to do anything about the problems but that is not true!! The biggest thing that we can do is bring awareness and give. Tell your friends, tell your parents and tell them to tell their friends about the existing problem of hunger here in our community. Tell people about the places that serve the hungry, Boomerang Backpacks, the local Food Bank, and different local churches. Encourage people to give to these places. And, if you have extra cash go and donate to one of these places! Help fight the disease of hunger that is growing in our community!!!! 'Having seen all this you can choose to look the other way, but you can never say again, 'I did not know.' '
- William Wiberforce
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