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Good Classroom Behavior

No description

Charles Herndon

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Good Classroom Behavior

Good Classroom Behavior
Definition of good behavior-satisfactory, proper, or polite conduct.
Examples of good classroom behavior
works cited
pictures of bad behaviors

1. When you’re fooling around, you’re not concentrating on your work.
2. Directing your horseplay at others is even more dangerous. They’re not expecting the
distraction and could easily have an accident such as falling into a computer or desk,
slipping on the floor, hurting themselves, etc.
3. Giving less than full concentration and attention to safety procedures makes you less
likely to notice or account for hazards until it may be too late.
4. Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts—and horseplay itself.
No horseplay
•Come to class prepared to learn
•Cooperate"with the people around you
•Follow directions
•Stay focused on the lesson and tasks assigned
•Class participation and note taking is required
•Raise your hand for permission before speaking
pictures of good behaviors
when the sub is at your classroom instead of your teacher you need to listen to your sub because she/he is in charge!
most pictures found on insert image on prezi.com
come to class prepared if you dont come to class prepared you y make bad perticipation grades or get in trouble
always listen to the teacher or sub if you dont you could end up getting in big trouble or having a bad punishment. so always listen to the teacher or sub.
in the end always listen to and do what the teacher or sub say too you in order to have a sucessful and fun year at school and in class.
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