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What happened to the Malaysian Flight 370?

No description

Valentine Castellano

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of What happened to the Malaysian Flight 370?

Malaysian officials are trying to find more clues on the disappearance of the flight 370.
Malaysia is losing confidence in finding the plane but the malaysian flight families are not.

The Malaysian Officials leading the search say it is the most difficult in human history.
World governments are willing to spend millions on the search.

A theory of how the plane disappeared was that the plane was shot down by the thai and us war games.
What happened to the Malaysian Flight 370?
By Valentine Castellano
Their was produce on the plane.
The Malaysian officials say it curved and went down.
The plane did not communicate with the ground after expected landing to be landing.
Most of the people on the plane were chinese so china is on the hunt for the plane.
Al Qaeda is a suspect for the disappearance.
Supporting facts

Supporting Facts

The Malaysian people know they can find the plane.
Scientists are saying that the plane landed more eastern than they are looking near.
Malaysia is under heavy criticism about the plane.
The flight that was missing in 2009 was found in 128 days.
After 4 hours the plane respond and that was the last one.

The Malaysian Officials think this by in 2009 the missing plane was found because of good coordinates this one is not good coordinates.
The one that disappeared in 2009 is not as difficult as this one.
They are tracking this plane down to the last inch of the plane.
The plane lost communication after it left Malaysia.
They are using satellites to find the planes location before it vanished.

Supporting Facts

Australia is giving 84 million(90 million in us dollars)
The us department of defense gave 4 million.
A estimated 234 million for the search.
A half a million on the ship in the indian ocean from Australia.
The pentagon gave 3.6 million.

Supporting facts

Supporting Facts
There was some war games going on near the south of china.
A New Zealand oil rig worker Mike McKay said he saw a burning plane go down.
They shot it down because they were practicing shot at land and water.
The navy doesn't know if they hit it or not.
They will try and see if they can find any remands their.

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