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No description

Olivia Ames

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Ungifted


By: Azka Hasan, Olivia Ames, Dulce Merino, and Shan Yasoda
Extra, Extra, read all about it!
Have you been wanting to see a movie that will excite you? Well, now there is one!
is a very funny and light-hearted story. There are hilarious pranks that go wrong, people that turn their backs on each other and a BOY WITH A GLITTER VEST!?!?
Donovan Curtis:
A humorous and social guy. He used to cause a lot of trouble and is the protagonist.

Chloe Garfinkle:
A true friend and is very smart. She believes in all of her friends
. IQ=159

Abigail Lee:
An intelligent, confident, and serious girl that is obsessed with her grades and school.

Noah Youkilis:
A funny, weird, and smart guy who is very obsessed with Youtube.

Dr. Schultz:
A superintendent that is very careful about his work and is strict and tense.

Mr. Osborne (Oz):
The Science teacher who is also the head of the robotics program and helps his students greatly.

More actors

is a feel-good, relatable story about trying new things. Donovan Curtis starts out a middle school student who does not care to much about his grades or future. After he destroys the school gym he is sent to the Academy of scholastic Distinction by accident where he gains new friends and a new sense of ambition.
Donovan Curtis
Owen Joyner
Lilimar Hernandez
Chloe Garfinkle
Noah Youkilis
Corey Fogelmanis
G. Hannelius
Abigail Lee
Oz (Mr.Osborne)
John Slyer
Why Invest?
will attract a great deal of attention because it's a children's movie with with a great message. Parents will want to bring their children to see a movie that will teach them about trying new things and true friendship.
Main Points
Donovan getting in trouble for breaking the globe off the statue of Atlas.

The absolutely terrible, intense dance that was held at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD).

The big fight at the Robotics Meet at Dutchess Auditorium at St. Leo.

Katie Patterson being examined by the students at the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD).
"A universally appealing tale." -

is a gem for readers looking for a story where the underdog comes out on top." -

"From its lovable-robot jacket art, its satisfying conclusion, this will please Korman's fans and win him new ones." -
ALA Booklist

"Funny and insightful." -
Publishers Weekly

"Best Movie Ever!"

William Daniel
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