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The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

By Kadie Allen and Jaylon Reidhead

Kadie Allen

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

The Life and Times of William Shakespeare By Kadie Jaylon and Shakespeare's Personal Profile Birth date:
-There are major discussions over when he was born. The most popular one was that he was born in April 1564. He died April 23rd of 1616
-His Dad's name was John Shakespeare.
-He originated from Snitterfield, in the district of Warwickshire, England
-He was a member of the City Counsel.
-He was a successful maker of gloves. Shakespeare's Family Life -His Mom's name was Mary Arden.
-She was the daughter of a land owning farmer. -Shakespeare was the third child of eight children.
-He was the eldest surviving son. Where did he grow up? -He was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon.
-He went to the Kings New School in Stratford. The Missing or Lost years of Shakespeare's life. -It looks like his lost years were his teen years.
-From 1578-1582. What was the name of the theater where his plays were preformed? The Globe Theater in London. Shakespeare first preformed his works at the Theater and the Curtain in Shoreditch north of Thames.
When contention arose between Shakespeare and the Landlord, Shakespeare tore down the theater and used the wood to construct the Globe Theater.
This made it the first theater built by actors for actors. References:
-http://tonyaanna.tripod.com/id4.html What is meant by the term "Natural Order"? -It is the order in which things are.
-It is the way people use the laws to make authority. Why is this rigid structure of society important in many of Shakespeare's plays? -Employment was low back in these times.
-Towns were growing very big.
-This made the society very susceptible to change and nothing was stable. The aspects of society that had an impact on Shakespeare's plays. 1. The death of his family members had an affect.
2.The plague was going around.
3.The events that happened during his last years could have had a big affect.
4.Employment was low and hard to come by.
5.He lived on the country side by the woods.
6.He lived during the Elizabethean Era. Queen Elizabeth the 1st
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