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cocaine infographic

No description

sydney young

on 1 May 2018

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Transcript of cocaine infographic

Short term effects:
Higher Body Temperature
Feeling sick to the stomach
How Addictive is the drug?
The drug is very addictive
The high doesn't last very long, causing the person to take it over and over again to keep feeling good
Additional Information:
Cocaine comes from the coca plant native to South America.
The crystal of crack is heated in a glass pipe to produce vapors.
Street Names:
Aunt Nora Nose candy
Binge Sneeze
C Snow
Coke Crack
Flake Bernice
Blow Charlie
Dust Mojo
Drug Classification:
Stimulant- a drug that increases your energy and makes you more upbeat.
Other same classification drugs:
Sativa (certain kind of marijuana)
Long Term Effects:
Decreased appetite
Loss Of Weight over time
Inability to sleep
% Of 10th and 12th Graders using the Drug:

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