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History Group Project - Mahara 2014

No description

Mira Vogel

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of History Group Project - Mahara 2014

Making History:
Group Projects using MyPortfolio

Clarity of argument
Strength & range of evidence
Historiographical awareness & engagement
Methodological awareness & engagement
Originality & flair

The task:
3 core elements
log; narrative; annotated bibliography
4-5 optional elements
topic-specific, multimedia
Should be readable in 30 min
Core elements
Narrative analysis
Groupwork record
Historiographical essay or annotated bibliography
Optional elements
Audio / video recordings
Gallery of images
Embeds eg Maps
Data and visualisations
RSS feed
Annotated primary material
Students create their own Pages in their own Portfolios, allow copying, then copy them to their group.

They keep their original work before it is evolved by group editing - MyPortfolio also registers that they shared it.
The independent copy can then be developed by the group.

Gather pages which belong together into Collections.

Relates elements together; signposts & sense-making.
Provides navigation between them
Helps conceptually; helps the readers (including assessors)

Groups link all assessed elements from their About page - either as a Page or a Collection. Also display information about the Group.

On the web, About pages act as introductions.
Considerate of assessors and TA

Group sites should exploit the range of media available eg images, audio, video, embeds.

Fulfills the objective of using new forms of academic communication.

Group Homepage
No matter what gets uploaded to or linked from your Portfolio, to display it you need to insert it into a Page, and the Page needs to be shared.

MyPortfolio is designed to let you share or withhold different things depending on the audience.

MyPortfolio fulfills our needs here.

We can host it locally, so your work is secure, you keep ownership, and if the service goes down we know and can make allowances. We can support it fully, unlike third-party software which is subject to significant changes without prior notice. MyPortfolio is a service owned by the E-Learning Environments team, which actively supports it. MyPortfolio is created for education, so it's accessible and it won't insert adverts. It can seem complicated - this is because it takes privacy and sharing seriously and gives individuals very fine-grained control.

A word about
the software:

... any Group member then copies the Pages into the Group...
To present Files, first upload and organise them in own Portfolio...

...then make Pages to contain and present those...
... which makes them editable by any Group member...
Allow Pages from your Portfolio to be copied by the Group...
Discuss ideas with the group before enacting them.

Hones important skills of negotiation, diplomacy, articulation and challenge.
Not to mention goodwill.

...along with other elements as your Group chooses.
Use the the Group's Forum

Group memory
Clear, equitable responsibilities
Straightforward for TAs

Should different members take responsibility each week?
Would it help to have a framework?

All students have a Admin role in their MyPortfolio Group.

Signals high expectations
All members have same powers
Avoids confusion about what each member can do or see
Copy Pages to Groups
The About Page is editable in the same
way as any other Page...
Access MyPortfolio via the Moodle Making History course area or log in with the same UCL ID at: https://myportfolio.ucl.ac.uk

Q&As - https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/Mahara/Making+History+guidance
Guides at the UCL MyPortfolio Resource Centre - https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/Mahara/MyPortfolio+Resource+Centre+-+home
Mahara (the software we call MyPortfolio) has its own guides - http://manual.mahara.org/en/1.7/
Post questions or answers to the MyPortfolio Community Support Forum on the Moodle Making History area
Ask your group and/or your TA
Talk to ELE - call 020 3549 5678 (extension 65678). Your E-Learning Facilitator is Mira Vogel (see Staff Directory)
Email ele@ucl.ac.uk
For an impression of what's possible see demo MyPortfolio Groups eg Making History Example Group

Always look for the Done button, or the Save button. Save your work often.
All Group members can do / see anything in their Group.
We think that this will work well...
...especially if you negotiate a code of conduct together.
Problems working as a group? Talk with your TA
Negotiate edits to Group Pages and record your reasons and decision-making in the Weekly Log.
Collections are set up via the Group's Collections tab...
...which allows them to be displayed AS menus - by using Navigation Blocks on Pages...
...and also WITH menus.
You can upload different media files to MyPortfolio...
...but for unlimited filespace we recommend exploring free hosting options - especially for audiovisual media...
...you can then embed them as external content - such as your bibliography - and it will display nicely...
...and experiment with other external content eg maps and things you've made elsewhere on the web. MyPortfolio often provides different routes to the same outcome...
...so if, for example, I wanted to embed this Prezi, I could use either of the following External Content blocks:
Embed.ly or
External Media
MyPortfolio is different from a wiki in a couple of key ways. Once a change is made, reversing that change is manual. And there's no saved history of a Page, so you'd need a good memory to follow changes...
Discuss ideas wherever you prefer - over a coffee, between lectures, or online. Whichever you choose, record-keeping is very helpful - and remember the requirement to keep a Weekly Log in your Group's Forum.
...and in any case it's important to reach either a consensus or a compromise about what goes into this shared space and how it is displayed.

The Group Forum can help.
Talk before you act.
Or at least after you act.
(And keep records.)
This is a chance to experiment. It's safe to be ambitious.
Use the outline headings in your Weekly Logs and be as concise as you meaningfully can.
Gather related Pages, and link to Collection(s) from the About Page.

Make a 'main menu' Collection and link from every Page.
The About Page is a hub, a way in, and a first impression. Design it well.
Edit buttons
Student activities regarding MyPortfolio
Week 4
Week 5
Week 7
Week 6
Week 3
Week 2
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Induction to MyPortfolio
Weekly log
Student drop-in session for MyPortfolio work
Weekly log
Student drop-in session for MyPortfolio work
Weekly log
Guidance on intellectual property (Library?)
Weekly log
Weekly log
Weekly log
Weekly log
Weekly log
Refer to the Reports for the Group - this gives an overview of who contributed what.
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